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About Wataru Hibiki

Ensemble Stars Wataru Hibiki - The Masked Oddball Idol

Wataru Hibiki is a character from an app-based card collection game by Happy Elements called Ensemble Stars (abbreviated to AnSuta in Japanese). In Ensemble Stars, the students of Yumenosaki Academy are split up into 13 different male idol groups, called units. Wataru is president of the Theater Club and one of the Three Oddballs, along with Rei Sakuma and Kanata Shinkai. He is also a member of Fine which is one of the academy's most highly respected units. Wataru is fickle, elusive, and theatrical. His habit of wearing a mask earned him the nickname "Masked Freak." Though he is undoubtedly eccentric, his undeniable talent in singing and acting attract many fans to his shows.


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Key Chains > Wataru Hibiki

Ensemble Stars (abbreviated to EnSta, or AnSuta in Japanese) is a multimedia project made by the company Happy Elements. It was first released as a smartphone app-based card collection game (or CCG) on Android's Google Play in April 2015, then on the iTunes iOS App Store the following May. A key feature of this simple CCG is that unlike many idol-themed games, it is not a rhythm game. Ensemble Stars is set in Yumenosaki Academy, a private school specializing in the training of male idols, where you are a transfer student as well as the only female student in the school. Even so, you are chosen to be the very first student of the "producer course," where your task is to catapult your male schoolmates into stardom.

Wataru is a tall young man with very long, light blue hair that gradually blends into a more vivid blue at the tips. His eyes are light purple. Some would say that he has a magical aura. Wataru's full name, in the original Japanese order, means "to echo" or "to reverberate." He's skilled at imitating people. He is right-handed and has a pet bird.