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About Ritsu Sakuma

Ensemble Stars Ritsu Sakuma - The sleepy Knight of Yumenosaki Academy

Ritsu Sakuma is a character from an app-based card collection game by Happy Elements called Ensemble Stars (abbreviated to AnSuta in Japanese). In Ensemble Stars, the students of Yumenosaki Academy are split up into 13 different male idol groups, called units. Ritsu is a nocturnal, languid, and forever sleepy member of the Knights unit. The other graceful and charming Knights members are Leo Tsukinaga, Izumi Sena, Arashi Narukami, and Tsukasa Suo. Ritsu is also close friends with second-year student Mao Isara, whom he's known since childhood. Even though he's younger, Mao is usually the one who takes care of Ritsu. Ritsu's older brother is third-year student Rei Sakuma, but they have a relationship defined by curt communication. Ritsu hates getting involved with people, so he doesn't have many friends.


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by Character > Ritsu Sakuma

Ritsu has mid-length black hair with bangs and locks of hair on the side of his face that frame his cheeks. He has red eyes and a fair complexion. At school, he wears his school blazer unbuttoned over his gray sweater. His white shirt is untucked with a messy collar. He wears brown dress shoes and loose plaid pants.

Ritsu enjoys using eye masks while he sleeps and is a skilled piano player. He is a left-handed 17-year-old Virgo with blood type AB and was born on September 22. Ritsu is notorious for his sleeping habits and has even had to repeat a year at school due to a attendance record wrecked by tardiness and dozing off during class, though he is unfazed. Perhaps his excessive sleeping habits are due to his low blood pressure. One of his biggest pet peeves is having his precious naps interrupted. He also dislikes garlic. The symbols that make up his name mean "cold moon." His voice actor is Daiki Yamashita.