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About Mao Isara

Ensemble Stars Mao Isara - Trickstars' most loyal member

Mao Isara is a character in Ensemble Stars, a card-collecting idol-themed mobile game set in the Yumenosaki Private Academy, a specialized school for training idols. Unlike other games revolving around idols, Ensemble Stars is not a rhythm game and was made simple by design so it could be enjoyed by a wide range of players. The game focuses heavily on plot and character reactions which has made it one of the most successful idol-themed mobile games on the market. Mao Isara is part of the Trickstar unit and is known for his reliable and caring personality. Mao is also the treasurer of the Yumenosaki Private Academy student council, which often puts him at odds with his unit. Mao is not a troublemaker, however, he often finds himself in sticky situations. He is voiced by Yuki Kaji.


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Mao Isara is one of the most popular characters of Ensemble Stars, loved for his passionate and hard-working attitude. He is very friendly and outgoing, always taking on extra work in order to support his fellow students and teammates. Due to this behavior, Mao tends to get walked over as he hates to let people down or fail to meet their expectations. Despite being such a kind and giving friend, he tends to keep his own feelings and concerns to himself, in order to not make others worry. In terms of appearance, Mao is of average height and build with red-violet hair which matches his vibrant personality. On stage, Mao wears Trickstar's uniform which features shoes with a star motif with ""Trickstar"embroidered under it.

In the gameplay of Ensemble Stars, Mao's main character arc comes with his struggle between loyalty to his unit and his responsibilities as treasurer in the student council clash. Mao is the only one to oppose the student council and its president Eichi Tenshouin despite his reluctance due to wanting to keep his position as treasurer. His devotion to his unit Trickstar won out in the end, proving that even in a pinch, Mao would never let his bandmates down!

Trickstar's first single "Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD Vol. 8 Trickstar" featured Mao and his other bandmates Hokuto Hikada, Subaru Akehoshi, and Makoto Yuuki. It features two unit songs alongside karaoke versions of the songs and a drama track. The first press release of the single came with a serial code for the four-star card (Youthful Song of Hope) Hokuto Hidaka. The Animate first press release of this single included a bonus postcard and badge featuring the same illustration as the cover.