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About Izumi Sena

Ensemble Stars Izumi Sena - the lovable bad boy of Ensemble Stars!

Izumi Sena is a character in Ensemble Stars, a card-collecting idol-themed mobile game set in Yumenosaki Private Academy, a specialized school for training idols. Unlike other games revolving around idols, Ensemble Stars is not a rhythm game and was made simple by design so it could be enjoyed by a wide range of players. The game focuses heavily on plot and character reactions which has made it one of the most successful idol-themed mobile games on the market. Izumi is part of the unit Knights and is known for his cool demeanor and violent temper. He is voiced by Masami Ito in the game.


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Badges > Izumi Sena

Izumi Sena is a third-year student of Yumenosaki Private Academy and one of the five members of the unit Knights. He used to be a popular model, but stopped his activities in order to enroll in Yumenosaki Private Academy to train to become an idol. Izumi enjoys to teasing his younger classmates and hurls spiteful remarks to the people around him. However, he does respect and admire Trickstar member Makoto Yuki, who also used to be a model.

Izumi has windblown gray hair, light blue eyes, and a fair complexion. When Izumi is on stage performing as part of Knights, he wears a navy blue, white and gold military-style jacket. At school and on stage he holds himself with pride as he did when he was still a popular model. He is a skilled dancer, being especially talented at ballet. Izumi takes his idol training very seriously and is extremely professional when the time calls.

Despite his aggressive personality, Izumi is a trusted and dedicated member of Knights, standing in as the leader when Leo Tsukinaga mysteriously disappeared and stopped attending school. He has a close but complicated relationship with Leo, often calling him "stupid," but trusting in Leo's decisions that he is doing what is best for Knights.