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Dragon Ball Vegeta - Prince of the Planet Vegeta

Vegeta is a character that appears in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, a legendary manga series that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984 to 1995. Dragon Ball was inspired by the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West, and was hugely influential in promoting anime and manga to a Western audience. Vegeta is one of the most iconic characters from the series-- the Prince of an alien race known as the Saiyans, like the series protagonist, Goku. Over the course of the series, Vegeta undergoes great character development, first starting off as an antagonist and rival to Goku, but eventually becoming one of his most trusted allies.


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Vegeta is perhaps one of the most complex characters to be featured within Dragon Ball's deep mythology. When Vegeta is first introduced in the Dragon Ball manga, he is extremely vain and proud, referring to his heritage constantly throughout the series. He first comes to Earth with his partner Nappa, seeking the legendary wish-granting Dragon Balls to gain immortality. When Goku arrives after completing his training with King Kai, he quickly defeats Nappa, who is then killed by Vegeta for the embarrassment of being defeated by a low-class Saiyan like Goku. Goku then takes on Vegeta and from that moment, the fierce rivalry between the two Saiyans was born.

Vegeta is haughty and arrogant throughout the series and is resentful of the abuse his race suffered at the hands of Frieza. Initially, he was extremely aggressive and cold-blooded - even as a child he was a proven killer. However as the series progressed, he began to soften. After Vegeta's defeat at the hands of Frieza, he confides to Goku that Frieza's mistreatment of the Saiyan race had forced him to become so ruthless. His high status as a Saiyan prince led Vegeta to have an elevated sense of importance, even expressing bigotry towards other races especially those with mixed heritage. However, this all changes with him falling in love the human Bulma and the birth of their two half-Saiyan children. He eventually settles on Earth and becomes a loving father to his family, going to extreme measures in order to protect his family.

Being a member of the Saiyan royal family, Vegeta is able to harness a variety of powerful abilities. Up until his tail was cut off, Vegeta could turn into a gigantic monkey-like creature by looking at a full moon, a power that all Saiyans with tails have. Vegeta tends to name his various energy attacks, often using his signature Ki Disk Razor attack, which is a ki wave similar to Goku's famous Kamehameha. After much training, he gains the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan and later in the series he can even fuse with Goku to create a warrior who has the combined power of the two Saiyans. With his reputation as an unstoppable warrior, it's no wonder that Vegeta's power levels are over 9000!