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About Gatomon

Digimon Gatomon - the purrfect Digimon!

Gatomon is a character from Digimon (short for Digital Monsters), a Japanese media franchise by Bandai encompassing virtual pet toys, anime, manga, video games, films, and a trading card game. Gatomon is the Digimon companion to Kari Kamiya, one of the main protagonists of the original Digimon Adventure series. Gatomon is an Animal Digimon and takes the form of a cat with long black claws. Gatomon's Ultimate form is Angewomon, an eight-winged Angel Digimon with great celestial power. Gatomon is one of the most popular Digimon in the series, due to its cute appearance and skill in battle.


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Gatomon is the partner to Kari Kamiya, one of the eight DigiDestined in the original Digimon Adventure TV anime series. Despite being much smaller than the other Champion level Digimon, Gatamon possesses great power and is very mature compared to the other Rookie Digimon. When Gatomon Digivolves into its Ultimate Digimon form Angewomon, it becomes brave and righteous and is very protective of the DigiDestined.

Along with the rest of the DigiDestined's Digimon, Gatomon was created in order to help balance the good and evil in the Digital World. When the DigiDestined first encounter Gatomon, it was working for the evil Myotismon as its assistant. However, after meeting Kari, Gatomon soon realizes it is Kari's chosen Digimon partner and digivoles into its ultimate form Angemon in order to defeat Myotismon.

Gatomon is an Animal Digimon that takes the form of a white cat with large ears that have purple tufts of fur at the end. Despite its small stature. Gatomon is actually a Champion-level Digimon that possesses great power. Gatomon's Ultimate form is Angewomon, an Archangel Digimon with immense powers that is said to be like a goddess of the Digital World.