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About Cerberus

Cerberus - the Guardian of the Clow!

Cerberus is one of the main characters of the manga series Cardcaptor Sakura (often abbreviated as CCS and localized into English as "Cardcaptors"), a Japanese magical girl manga series illustrated and written by the manga group Clamp. The original manga series was serialized from May 1996 to June 2000 in the shojo manga magazine Nakayoshi. The series was incredibly popular, spawning a 70-episode TV anime adaptation, video games, art books, and picture books. A manga sequel to the series, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, began serializing in 2016. Cerberus also appears in two of Clamp's later manga series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic. Cerberus is an adorable angel-winged Lion who is of the two guardians of the Clow who protects Sakura during her adventures.


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Characters > Cerberus

Cerberus, also known as Kero, is one of the two Guardians of the Clow Cards, alongside Yue. Before the death of Clow Reed, Kero was appointed one to select a suitable candidate for the next master of the cards. After Sakura Kinomoto accidentally releases the cards, Kero chooses her as the next Clow Master and teaches her the basics of capturing and harnessing the power of the cards. Cerberus usually appears as a small stuffed animal with yellow fur, large round ears, and small angel-like wings. However, in his true form, Cerberus takes the form of a huge lion with large angel wings with a metal helmet.

Cerberus is rather bossy and demanding, but he also genuinely cares about Sakura and her progress in becoming the next Master of the Clow, giving her invaluable advice on her adventure. He also bestows on Sakura the Sealing Wand, after officially appointing her as the one to recapture the Clow Cards. Cerberus has an antagonistic relationship with Syaoran, the two often exchanges quips and insults at each other.

Cerberus' name is based on the Greek mythological beast of the same name, a large three-headed dog who is the guard of the gates of Hades. In the English dub, his name was changed to Keroberos, but his nickname Kero remained the same in both versions. In the original Japanese TV anime series, Masaya Onosaka voices Cerberus, with Matt Hill lending his voice to the character in the English dub.