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About Osamu Dazai

Bungo Stray Dogs Osamu Dazai - Mafia member turned detective!

Osamu Dazai is one of the characters from Bungo Stray Dogs, a manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa. The story of Bungo Stray Dogs centers around the Armed Detective Agency, a group of super-powered individuals solve mysteries and carry out missions assigned to them by the Port Mafia. The characters in Bungo Stray Dogs are named after famous literary authors and characters, with their special abilities borrowing their names from one of their respective namesake's works. Osamu Dazai is one such character who takes his name from one of the most famous authors in Japanese history. The Osamu Dazai of Bungo Stray Dogs is a member of the Armed Detective Agency who was once an executive of the city's most heinous underworld organization, the Port Mafia.


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by Character > Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai is one of the main characters of Bungo Stray Dogs, being introduced in the first chapter of the manga when the protagonist Atsushi Nakajima saves him from committing suicide. Dazai's special power is called "No Longer Human", which allows him to cancel the effects of any ability by touch. His special ability's name is taken from the real Dazai's book of the same name. Dazai was once an executive of the underground organization, the Port Mafia until the death of his best friend Sakunosuke Oda.

In Bungo Stray Dogs, Dazai takes the appearance of a tall and slim man with short wavy hair. Dazai is a mysterious and guarded person who rarely reveals his true intentions and motivations. However, he can also be quite lazy, often being scolded for his unproductiveness by his detective partner Doppo Kunikida. Dazai is quite dramatic and is obsessed by thoughts of suicide, his dream being to commit double suicide with a beautiful woman.

Osamu Dazai is based on the Japanese author of the same name and his real counterpart is regarded as one of Japan's most talented writers. The real-life Dazai also shared his fictional counterpart's penchant for suicide, ending his life in 1948 with his lover Tomie Yamazaki by drowning. The Bungo Stray Dogs version of Dazai refers to himself as the gender-neutral pronoun "Watashi", rather than the more masculine "Boku" or "Ore". This is probably a reference to the real Dazai's preferred writing format, the "I novel" which became popular in Japanese literature during the early 20th century.