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About Doppo Kunikida

Bungo Stray Dogs Doppo Kunikida - the idealist of the Armed Detective Agency

Doppo Kunikida is one of the characters from Bungo Stray Dogs, a manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa. The story of Bungo Stray Dogs centers around the Armed Detective Agency, a group of super-powered individuals solve supernatural mysteries and carry out missions assigned to them by the Port Mafia. The characters in Bungo Stray Dogs are named after famous literary authors and characters, with their special abilities borrowing their names from one of their respective namesake's works. Doppo Kunikida is one such character who takes his name from one of the most famous authors in Japanese history. The Doppo Kunikida of Bungo Stray Dogs is a member of the Armed Detective Agency whose partner in crime is the somewhat eccentric Osamu Dazai.


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by Character > Doppo Kunikida

Doppo Kunikida is one of the main characters of Bungo Stray Dogs, introduced in Chapter 1 of the manga as Osamu Dazai's detective partner at the Armed Detective Agency. Doppo is one of the more responsible members of the agency which offsets the personality of his partner Osamu Dazai, who is somewhat lazy and a bit of a womanizer. Doppo Kunikida is never seen without his notebook which he refers to as his "guide to life". Doppo uses his notebook to facilitate his special ability, which is known as "Doppo Poet". When using his ability Doppo can summon objects from his notebook by writing down the names.

Doppo is a slim bespectacled young man with long dirty blond hair that he wears in a ponytail. He is one of the tallest members of the agency standing at 189 cm. Before joining the Armed Detective Agency, Doppo was a part-time maths tutor at a cram school and a college student. Doppo handled many cases once he joined the agency and was made responsible for deciding whether or not his future partner Dazai was capable of joining the team.

Doppo Kunikida is based on the author of the same name who is lauded as being one of the inventors of Japanese naturalism. His writing style was inspired by a love of nature that developed while he was growing up in Yamaguchi prefecture. Kunikida founded a literary magazine known as "Seinen Bungaku" and began his private diary "An Honest Record" which was published after his death.