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About Edogawa Ranpo

Bungo Stray Dogs Ranpo Edogawa - the Armed Detective Agency's best detective!

Ranpo Edogawa is one of the characters from Bungo Stray Dogs, a manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa. The story of Bungo Stray Dogs centers around the Armed Detective Agency, a group of super-powered individuals solve supernatural mysteries and carry out missions assigned to them by the Port Mafia. The characters in Bungo Stray Dogs are named after famous literary authors and characters, with their special abilities borrowing their names from one of their respective namesake's works. Ranpo Edogawa is one such character who takes his name from one of the most famous authors in Japanese history. The Ranpo Edogawa of Bungo Stray Dogs is considered the Armed Detective Agency's best detective, despite not possessing any magical powers.


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Badges > Edogawa Ranpo

Ranpo Edogawa is one of the main characters of Bungo Stray Dogs and one of the most talented members of the Armed Detective Agency. Unlike the other members of the group, Ranpo does not possess any supernatural powers, however he does refer to his natural detective skills as his "special ability". His pseudo-special ability is known as "Super Deduction" which allows him to deduce the truth about any crime scene. When not utilizing his "super deduction" abilities, Doppo struggles to do simple tasks such as riding a train or finding his way back home.

Ranpo Edogawa comes from a line of famous detectives, with his parents being some of the most talented detectives to ever exist. Ranpo wears a cape which seems to be a homage of the great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. When he activates his "ability", Ranpo puts on glasses. Despite his superior intellect and skills in deduction, Ranpo can be quite childish, frequently teasing the other detectives in the agency.

Ranpo is based on the Japanese author of the same name, Ranpo Edogawa who was a Japanese author and critic who is seen as the father of modern Japanese mystery fiction. Edogawa was a fan of Western mystery writers, especially Edgar Allen Poe. In fact, his pen name is a Japanese version of Poe's name. Edogawa was also a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose work he attempted to translate into Japanese while he was a student at Waseda University in Tokyo.