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Macross - Thrust vectoring owns the sky!

Macross is a science fiction mecha anime media franchise created by Shoji Kawamori of Studio Nue in 1982 that now consists of four TV series, four movies, six OVAs, one light novel, five manga series, 40 video games set in the Macross universe, two crossover games and a wide variety of promotional merchandise. The story begins when a newly formed UN decides to repurpose an alien spacecraft and name it SDF-1 Macross. Unfortunately, on the day of its maiden voyage, a fleet of spaceships belonging to a race of aliens known as Zentradi descend upon Earth and the SDF-1 Macross, acting of its own accord, shoots down the incoming squadron, sparking an intergalactic war. In an attempt to escape, the Macross tries to launch itself into the Moon's orbit, but the ship and its then surrounding city is teleported deep into space. Along for the ride are Ichijo Hikaru, a free-spirited acrobatic pilot, and Lynn Minmay, an aspiring idol. These two, joined by the Macross crew, experience an epic journey rife with grief and drama that causes them to come face-to-face with the cruelties of war.


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Macross's first series, Super Dimension Fortress - One Macross, combines themes of transforming mecha, apocalyptic battles, wartime romance, and music. According to creator Shoji Kawamori, the story depicts ""a love triangle against the backdrop of great battles,"during the first human-alien war. It is the first part of two franchises: the Super Dimension series and Macross series. Kawamori, along with fellow Studio Nue member Kazutaka Miyatake, provided the anime's mechanical designs while characters were designed by Haruhiko Mikimoto of Artland Inc.

Macross actually created one of the first ever anime idols: Lynn Minmay. The character's voice actress, Mari Iijima, became an instant celebrity and launched her musical career shortly after the series aired. Most of Macross's animation (with edited content and revised dialogue) was adapted in the USA for the first saga of Robotech.

The original name for the Macross project was Battle City Megarodo which, in Japanese-to-English transliteration, can be read as either Megaload or Megaroad. The title actually makes sense both ways, in regard to the story line: Megaload refers to the spacecraft containing an entire city of people and Megaroad refers to the long journey through space, back to Earth. However, as we know, this title didn't stick. One of the sponsors of the project, Big West Advertising, wanted both the series and spacecraft to be named Macbeth, after the famous Shakespearean tragedy. A compromise was made with the title Macross, as it keeps the first half of the word ""Macbeth"while maintaining connotations to the original title with the inclusion of "cross." The word Macross also comes from a wordplay combination of the prefix ""macro,"in reference to its massive size.