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About IDOLiSH 7

IDOLiSH7 - Be the manager of an up-and-coming idol group from your smartphone

IDOLiSH7 is a smartphone app-based Japanese rhythm game and visual novel developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, launched in August 2015 on Android and iOS platforms. The project features character design by Arina Tanemura, a Japanese shojo manga artist known for her work on popular series such as Phantom Thief Jeanne and Full Moon o Sagashite. The IDOLiSH7 franchise has already expanded to albums, music videos by various animation studios, light novel and manga adaptations, a live concert, a PlayStation Vita game and an anime!


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In the IDOLiSH7 app (also referred to as i7), the player assumes the role of Tsumugi Takanashi, the inexperienced manager of a new idol group in her father's small agency. The idol group is named IDOLiSH7 and consists of seven male singers, each with their own unique personality and background. Your goal is to train IDOLiSH7 and turn them into famous idols, all the while struggling against the hardships of the entertainment industry. Inside the game, there are multiple idol groups that all play different roles in the story.

An interesting theme amongst the characters is that most of their names contain different Chinese numerals, essentially associating them with numbers. IDOLiSH7, the main group, includes Iori Izumi, Yamato Nikaido, Mitsuki Izumi, Tamaki Yotsuba, Sogo Osaka, Nagi Rokuya and Riku Nanase. When written in Japanese, each of these group members' names include the symbols for one through seven. IDOLiSH7's rival group is TRIGGER of the Yaotome Production Company, whose family names contain the numbers eight through ten. The members of TRIGGER are Gaku Yaotome, Tenn Kujo and Ryunosuke Tsunashi. Re:vale is a senior idol group that was introduced in the second chapter of the game. Re:vale group members Momo and Yuki represent the numbers 100 and 1,000 respectively. In the third chapter, another idol group named ŹOOĻ was introduced. Rather than numbers, the Chinese characters in ŹOOĻ's four group members' names are based on animals from the Chinese zodiac. For example, Haruka Isumi's name contains the symbol meaning pig. Toma Inumari represents the dog, Minami Natsume the snake and Torao Mido the tiger.

Part of IDOLiSH7's huge success lies in its inclusion of narratives that attract a variety of different people. Some are drawn to the challenge of an exciting rhythm game, while others love the dramatic visual novel aspect of the app. In December 2015, creators of the app released their first two singles, IDOLiSH7's "MONSTER GENERATION" and TRIGGER's "SECRET NIGHT." The decision to produce music proved to be a great one, as it brought in a new subset of fans and led to the creation of many more singles and even full albums that have consistently ranked high on Japanese music charts. The IDOLiSH7 music department are committed to high-quality tunes, working with popular Vocaloid producers and songwriters associated with the legendary Johnny & Associates agency to make a catalog of songs that blend in seamlessly to the mainstream J-pop landscape. TRIGGER released their first full album in September 2017 and it quickly shot to the number one spot on the Oricon weekly charts, making it the first time in Oricon history that male voice actors have ranked first in the album charts under the name of their characters.

You can show your love for IDOLiSH7 with character keychains, button badges and other merchandise that features the idols as well as in-game items like the cute King Pudding. IDOLiSH7 also collaborated with Rascal the Raccoon for his 40th anniversary in 2017, creating the Rascalish Seven line which features the app's idol members sporting perky ears and fluffy tails.