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About Gintama

Gintama - aliens meet Edo!

Gintama is a Japanese manga series by Hideaki Sorachi, first serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in late 2003. Gintama has since become one of the most popular and well-known manga series in recent years, spawning a long-running TV anime series, light novels, video games, two animated films, and a live-action movie adaptation. The story of Gintama focuses on the freelance samurai Gintoki Sakata who works alongside his best friends Kagura and Shinpachi Shimura in order to scrape together enough money to pay the rent. The world of Gintama is set in an alternate Sci-Fi version of Edo which has been conquered by aliens. Gintama has been praised for its comedy and character development in the Shonen genre.


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The plot of Gintama is set in a Sci-Fi version of the late-Edo period of Japan, where Earth has been attacked by aliens known as the "Amanto". The samurai of Japan join the battle against the foreign invasion, but when the shogun realizes the sheer power of the aliens, he betrays the samurai and surrenders. The shogun writes an unequal contract with the aliens which bans samurai from carrying swords in public while allowing aliens to freely leave and enter the country.

The man protagonist of Gintama is Gintoki Sakata, an ex-Samurai forced to do odd jobs into order to make ends meet. He meets his apprentice Shinpachi Shimura when he saves his sister Tae from a group of aliens. Gintoki and Shinpachi then go on to rescue an alien girl named Kagura, who joins the two as freelances at the "Yorozuya", Gintoki's shop that takes any kind of job for a fee.

Gintama is one of the most popular manga and anime series to come out in recent years. As of February 2018, over 55 million volumes of the Gintama manga have been sold. The first light novel adaptation of Gintama also enjoyed great success, becoming the top-selling novel from Japan in 2006.