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Ensemble Stars!

About Ensemble Stars!

Ensemble Stars - So many different idol groups to manage, which one will make it to stardom?

Ensemble Stars (abbreviated to EnSta, or AnSuta in Japanese) is a multimedia project made by the company Happy Elements. It was first released as a smartphone app-based card collection game (or CCG) on Android's Google Play in April 2015, then on the iTunes iOS App Store the following May. A key feature of this simple CCG is that unlike many idol-themed games, it is not a rhythm game. The creators of Ensemble Stars are quoted as saying that they wanted to make a game that did not demand skill per se and instead had a main focus on a universally enjoyable story, hence the very simple nature of the app's gameplay. Ensemble Stars is set in Yumenosaki Academy, a private school specializing in the training of male idols, where you are a transfer student as well as the only female student in the school. Even so, you are chosen to be the very first student of the "producer course," where your task is to catapult your male schoolmates into stardom. With over 160,000 users pre-registering for the game, Ensemble Stars hit one million downloads about six months after its launch. Popular Japanese voice actors lend their voices to a plethora of characters in the game, so it might be tough to choose your favorite! A theater performance version of the game called Ensemble Stars! On Stage was also a hit among fans. Rather than a musical, it is a series of stage plays, and has even inspired a few sequels.


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Ensemble Stars!
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In Ensemble Stars, the students of Yumenosaki Academy are split up into 13 different idol groups, called units.

Trickstar is a new yet quickly rising group in the academy. There is an incredible bond between Trickstar's four members, Mao Isara, Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuuki and Hokuto Hidaka. Trickstar's trademark colors are blue and red.

Fine is the most formidable and currently undefeated unit of Yumenosaki Academy. Led by the student council president, Fine's colors are white and gold. The four members of Fine are Eichi Tenshouin, Tori Himemiya, Wataru Hibiki and Yuzuru Fushimi.

Graceful and charming, members of the unit Knights have a perfected technique. Donning dark blue, the members of Knight are Arashi Narukami, Ritsu Sakuma, Izumi Sena, Leo Tsukinaga and Tsukasa Suou.

Labeled as the most rebellious unit, the members of Undead are Rei Sakuma, Koga Oogami, Adonis Otogari and Kaoru Hakaze. These self-proclaimed "devils of the night" stick to wearing black and purple.

Members of the superhero-themed unit Ryuseitai each have their own signature color! Chiaki Morisawa (red), Tetora Nagumo (black), Midori Takamine (green), Kanata Shinkai (blue) and Shinobu Sengoku (yellow) band together in the name of idol justice.

Cute and charming newbie unit Ra*bits consists of three first-years and one third-year student. Ra*bits members Nazuna Nito, Hajime Shino, Tomoya Mashiro and Mitsuru Tenma look adorable in their unit color, light blue.

Sporting neon, technopop duo 2wink offers perfectly coordinated dance moves and matching infectious smiles from twin unit members Hinata and Yuta Aoi.

Akatsuki, translating to "red moon," is a Japanese-style unit which highly values the traditional arts. Members Keito Hasumi, Kuro Kiryu and Souma Kanzaki never fail to give a striking performance.

The prestigious and passionate Valkyrie duo sticks to artistic directing. What unit members Mika Kagehira and Shu Itsuki lack in communication, they make up for in performance.

The shining personalities of Natsume Sakasaki, Tsumugi Aoba and Sora Harukawa combine to create the endlessly charming Switch unit. Dressed in bright green and yellow, this magical idol group just wants to make you smile.

Another idol duo at Yumenosaki Academy, Eve claims to trap you with a sweet whisper. This duo boasts former Fine member Hiyori Tomoe and newcomer Jun Sazanami.

In tandem with the Eve unit, Adam is another duo containing a former Fine member (Nagisa Ran). The other half of the duo, Ibara Saegusa, is an amazing strategist who gives this team a dominating edge.

And finally, solo unit MaM is proof that Madara Mikejima can do it all on his own! Wherever there's a festival, he will appear just to give you a memorable show.