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Mini 4WD Pro by Tamiya - Level up your collection with a higher-performance version of Mini 4WD

The Mini 4WD Pro (stylized as Mini 4WD PRO) series is a Mini 4WD car line introduced in November 2005 by Tamiya. This series is unique in that all cars are powered by a double-shaft-motor-driven 4WD system that has a 50/50 weight ratio and direct power transfer to all four wheels. Featured in the line-up are the new MS Chassis and MA Chassis, both of which use the double-shaft motors manufactured exclusively by SMC Motor. Some car models are from the earlier Racing Mini 4WD series. The two-shot manga My First Big Bakuso Kyodai Let's & Go! and the ongoing manga Hyper Dash! Yonkuro features cars from this lineup. Some early models in this series required that the user paint and cut the bodyshell on their own, making these models more challenging to assemble. This practice was later discontinued, starting with the Avante Mark II.


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by Series ・Mini 4WD Pro Series

The term Mini 4WD (also known as Mini Yonku in Japan) is predominantly used to refer to 1/32 scale, AA battery-powered plastic model race cars that operate without a remote control. The "4WD" of Mini 4WD is in reference to the mini cars' four-wheel drive ability. Mini 4WD car kits use plastic snap-fit pieces, so only a little glue is required for assembly. Using household tools like pliers, a craft knife and a screwdriver, you can remodel and customize your Mini 4WD with upgraded parts for better performance.

Mini 4WD are divided into three categories: "on-road type" for high-speed racing on a track, "off-road type" for driving on more rugged terrain and "display type" which are solely meant for decoration and thus not equipped to race. The Mini 4WD Pro series is part of the on-road category. Cars from the Mini 4WD Pro line each feature a high-performance dual-shaft motor that drives both the front and rear wheels, for optimum power transmission efficiency. With a battery and motor layout that provides an ideal overall balance, the chassis is a perfect base to install pieces from a wide range of Grade-Up Parts.

The Mini 4WD Pro line offers two types of chassis: the MA Chassis and MS Chassis. The one-piece, aerodynamically advanced MA Chassis has a low center of gravity and uses air flow to its advantage. It is fitted with the standard six rollers, along with side stays which allow the attachment of Grade-Up and Option parts. The direct drive, double-shaft motor MS Chassis features a three-piece setup split into nose, center, and tail sections for easy attachment and detachment. This tough chassis form features an 80 mm wheelbase which allows it to turn corners with more control and precision.