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About Yoshiko Tsushima

Love Live! Sunshine!! Yoshiko Tsushima - Aqours' resident chuunibyou

Yoshiko Tsushima is one of the main characters of Love Live Sunshine (stylized as Love Live! Sunshine!!), a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by ASCII Media Works's Dengeki G's Magazine, music label Lantis and animation studio Sunrise. The series is a spinoff from Love Live and revolves around a group of nine schoolgirl friends who create the idol group known as Aqours in order to save their school from shutting down. Love Live Sunshine launched in August 2015 with music CDs and accompanying anime music videos. Yoshiko Tsushima is the childhood friend of Hanamaru Kunikidia and a member of Aqours' sub-unit Guilty Kiss.


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Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys > Yoshiko Tsushima

Yoshiko Tsushima is a first-year student at Uranoshi Girls' High School and the childhood friend of fellow Aqours member Hanamura Kunikida. Yoshiko has a "chuunibyou" personality and has constructed a second personality known as "Yohane, the Fallen Angel". She has had this split personality since kindergarten but fully embraced this side of her during her middle school years. Because of this, it is implied that Yoshiko was bullied during this time and didn't have many friends.

When Yoshiko starts Uranoshi Girls' High School, she first means Chika, You, and Hanamaru acting as "Yohane" until Hanamaru forces her to act normally. She quits being part of Aqours for a brief period as she believes that her friends don't accept her true self. However, later on, the members of Aqours assure her that they love Yohane too and Yoshiko rejoins the school idol club.

Outside of her idol duties, Yoshiko likes to play video games with her favorite genres being fighting games and racing games. She is talented in video editing and manipulation, acting as the chief video editor for Aqours. She loves dressing up like a devil and streaming herself online, where she reads her fans fortunes. Yoshiko is voiced by Aika Kobayashi in both the anime and game of Love Live Sunshine.