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Love Live! (Love Live School Idol Project) > Characters > Hoshizora Rin

About Hoshizora Rin

Love Live! Rin Hoshizora - the tomboy of μ's

Rin Hoshizora is a character from Love Live School Idol Project (stylized as Love Live!) a multimedia idol project co-developed by ASCII Media Works's Dengeki G's Magazine, music label Lantis and animation studio Sunrise. Rin is one of the nine main characters in Love Live! and a first-year student at Otonokizaka High School. Alongside being a member of Otonokizaka's school idol group μ's (pronounced "muse"), Rin is also a member of the sub-unit lily white. In both the anime and game, she is played by voice actor Riho Iida.


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Characters > Hoshizora Rin

Rin Hoshizora is a first-year student at Otonokizaka who has been friends with Hanayo Koizumi since they were young children. Rin is the tomboy of μ's, but also has a girly streak. She loves sports and is one of the most athletic members of μ's, alongside Eli Ayase. Her favorite sports are hurdling, football, and basketball. Her athletic abilities come in handy for the μ's choreography and she is currently the dance practice leaders of the μ's.

Rin is a cat-lover and often ends her sentences with "nya", which means "meow" in Japanese. She has cat-like tendencies and often makes a feline curved-mouth smile when playing around. Despite being very hard-working, Rin is not a natural student and is known as one of the "san baka" (three idiots) alongside Honoka Kosaka and Nico Yazawa.

Alongside Umi Sonoda and Nozomi Tojo, Rin is a member of μ's subunit, lily white. The group's name represents the austere and pure image of the three members. The subunit has released six singles, their first named "Shiranai Love Oshiete Love". Lily white has the most number of appearances out of all the subunits - twice in the anime and once in the movie, Love Live! The School Idol Movie.