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Due to the keyword "たばこ (Cigarettes)" being found on the item page, we think this might be a prohibited item. Is this item "たばこ (Cigarettes)", or does the item include ingredients or components containing "たばこ (Cigarettes)"?
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* If an address within Japan is the final destination of your order, you may proceed regardless.

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Current Bid550,000 yen (excluding tax)
(Reference Price:5,159.00 USD)
Time left Closed
Sellerfamileco (Store)

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Auction IDn369556814Current bids109
Item conditionOthersQuantity1
Automatic extensionEnabledEarly closureEnabled
Seller typeStoreItem location静岡県 静岡市
Start price1 yen
(Reference Price:0.01 USD)
Bid increment1,000 yen
(Reference Price:9.38 USD)
Start time2019-09-16 16:36 (Japan Time)End time2019-09-22 22:47 (Japan Time)
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(Reference Price:1.88 USD)