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About Rolex

Rolex - World-famous for performance, reliability and sophistication.

Rolex is a Swiss watch manufacturer synonymous with luxury, and for a reason. Rolex's dedication to craftsmanship has allowed it to maintain its prestige since its establishment in London at the turn of the 20th century by German watchmaker, Hans Wilsdorf. Due to high taxes levied on luxury goods in wartime Britain, Wilsdorf moved head office to Switzerland in 1919 where Rolex production has remained ever since. From the beginning, Rolex was a pioneer, popularizing the wristwatch in an era where the pocket watch was the timepiece of choice. Rolex is also responsible for the first waterproof wristwatch, releasing their famous Oyster Case in 1926. Rolex is also responsible for the first wristwatch with an automatic date changing function, the Rolex Datejust. With this level of expertise and devotion to the watchmaking trade, it's hardly surprising that Rolex is the luxury watch brand of choice.


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Although Rolex is a household name throughout the world, they are a comparatively young brand within in the watchmaking industry. While most famous watch manufacturers have their beginnings during the 18th and 19th centuries, Rolex arrived relatively late onto the watchmaking scene, establishing itself in the twentieth century. Despite this late start, Rolex have been trailblazers from their conception; on from their establishment and Rolex had developed the first certified chronometer to be used in watches. In 1926 came the release of the waterproof Oyster Case, and to prove the claim of total watertightness, the following year a Rolex Oyster crossed the English Channel on the wrist of Mercedes Gleitze, a young English swimmer. After ten hours of swimming, the watch remained in perfect working order and Rolex's Testimonee concept was born. Alongside the Oyster Case, Rolex continued to create groundbreaking advancements within the watchmaking industry with the invention of the Perpetual Movement self-winding mechanism in 1931, and the development of the Datejust wrist chronometer in 1945.

One of Rolex's most appealing feature is its tried and tested watertightness. While many other models on the market break after just one drop, Rolex's superior engineering allows its wearers to safely take their watches anywhere, even to bodies of water. However, while Rolex is known for their expert craftsmanship, their timepieces also exude timeless style - perfect for any occasion. Due to Rolex's high price and exceptional quality, it's also recognized as a status symbol to the wearer.

While most other Swiss watchmakers partially outsource labor during manufacture, Rolex completes the entire watchmaking process from their Swiss headquarters. From product design to manufacturing individual parts, everything is done in-house at Rolex. With unbeatable durability and accuracy, a watch from any Rolex line is an investment piece which will stand the test of time.