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About Omega

Omega - combining ultra-precision with sharp design

Omega's beginnings go all the way back to 1848 when founder Louis Brandt set up his workshop at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. At that time, pocket watches still dominated the timepiece market, and the company initially became well-known for its high-precision pocket watches. As the wristwatch was popularized and watch technology evolved, Omega stood out from the pack for their superior technical sophistication. Their superb functionality and reliability led to NASA adopting Omega wristwatches for astronauts going on space missions, and the brand rocketed to fame when Buzz Aldrin's Omega Speedmaster became the first watch to go to the moon. This storied history, coupled with appealing designs and unsurpassed functionality, has been key to creating Omega's current position as an iconic brand, beloved by young and old alike.


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Omega's success is squarely based on their product - it's safe to say that Omega watches offer all the functions you could want in a wristwatch. Some luxury watch manufacturers tend to prioritize form over function, letting practicality take a back seat to design features and luxury detailing.However, Omega never loses sight of the watch as timekeeping instrument, combining sophisticated design with top-level functionality. Their full line-up of watches include a wide range of specialized models tailored to specific users and situations, ensuring that everyone can find an Omega watch exactly suited to their needs.

The case of an Omega watch is a point of particular interest. Many watchmakers have switched up the shape of their watch cases as a starting point for innovation, offering both square and round cases, and every conceivable shape in between. However, a glance at Omega's complete selection of watches would reveal that their cases are almost exclusively round, although there are some exceptions that prove the rule. Among luxury watchmakers, Omega stands out for their unrelenting focus on practicality. Models run the gamut from sleek and fashionable to rugged sports watches.

Omega creates a range of watch models. As its most famous model, the Omega Speedmaster model can be said to represent the brand as a whole. It is a masterpiece of both form and function, and is perhaps best know as the official wristwatch of NASA's space missions. This model starts at around 300,000 yen. For lovers of sailing and other marine sports, Seamaster is the go-to Omega model.As this model is exceptionally waterproof, it's a popular watch for divers. The Seamaster can be purchased for around 150,000 yen - a comparatively reasonable price in the luxury watch market. Omega's De Ville model offers the perfect balance between practicality and design. The luxurious fashion appeal of this model belies the highly sophisticated clockwork within, making this stylish watch a practical everyday accessory.