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Citizen is a Tokyo-based electronics company primarily known for its watches and other small electronics, such as calculators. It is also the parent company of New York City-based watch brand Bulova. Shokosha Watch Research Institute, the forerunner of Citizen Watch Co., was established in March 1918, giving the company over 100 years of experience in the industry. Citizen, a leading brand in the eco-watch market, is known for manufacturing sleek, sophisticated watches with advanced technology.


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The brand Citizen was first registered in Switzerland by Rodolphe Schmid in 1918, although the company was formally founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss investors. Citizen took over Shokosha Watch Research Institute, which had been founded in 1918, along with some assembly facilities in Yokohama that Schmid had opened in 1912. The development of Citizen as a company relied on technology transfer from Switzerland until World War II.

Citizen launched the world's first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993 and has remained a pioneer in the field ever since. This atomic timekeeping is combined with Citizen's light powered Eco-Drive technology, giving Citizen Atomic Timekeeping watches the ability to display precise time while being powered by any light source. Because Citizen watches receive radio signals from an atomic clock to set the time correctly, their margin of error is only one second in 100,000 years. Some Citizen watches, such as the Skyhawk A-T line, feature radio-controlled timekeeping. The Skyhawk A-T synchronizes with radio clocks in Japan, North America, and Europe. Though it actually tracks two time zones (home and world), this model automatically sets the frequency based upon the home time zone. When traveling, the user may switch between the home and world zones, allow them to access proper time signal reception on a different continent while simultaneously retaining the other time. The day, date, and daylight saving time settings are also set automatically when the watch is synchronized. These features are comparable to the synchronization with atomic clocks found in Casio Wave Ceptor watches. The Perpetual Chrono A-T is another radio-controlled watch by Citizen. This model syncs with the atomic clocks in Colorado or Germany, depending on signal strength and location. It also incorporates the Eco-Drive technology, which means it will never require a battery.

In 2010, Miyota (Citizen Watch) of Japan introduced a newly developed movement (UHF 262 kHz) that uses a three-prong quartz crystal for the Precisionist (or Accutron II) line. This is a new type of quartz watch with ultra-high frequency (262.144 kHz) which is claimed to be accurate to +/- 10 seconds a year and has a smooth sweeping second hand rather than one that jumps each second. Citizen also offers the Chronomaster line, comprised of high-accuracy quartz watches. The Chronomaster is unofficially the most accurate watch ever made, with an accuracy of +5/-5 seconds per year. Citizen produces a line called Independent Watches, which features a more modern, contemporary design than those typically found within the traditional Citizen label.