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About Dior

Dior - the ladylike brand that reinvented femininity

Global fashion giant Dior is one of the truly iconic brands in fashion, named for its founder Christian Dior. Ever since its establishment in Paris in 1946, the brand has been wildly popular both in France and around the world. At one point, Yves Saint Laurent also designed for the brand, playing a huge role in the development of brand Dior. Starting with couture fashion, Dior now offers ready-to-wear clothing, handbags and leather goods, jewelry and watches, cosmetics and perfumes, and much more. The top-notch quality of the brand is maintained through strict control over production, with most items made in-house or in close cooperation with affiliates. Dior is one of the quintessential fashion brands, carrying with it a history of French femininity and international glamour.


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Dior has had an astounding impact on the fashion industry since it was founded in 1946. After the death of Christian Dior in 1957, his protege Yves Saint Laurent took over as head designer. His work was instrumental in shaping the legacy of this fashion giant. Christian Dior himself is hailed as a major force in post-war fashion - his New Look offered a clean and complete break with the severe and drab fashion necessitated by war. Effervescent and opulent femininity, swathed in yards of fabric, delicate detail and precise tailoring, was the look of the day. Christian Dior also innovated over garment shapes, originating the A-line, H-line, I-line and Y-line silhouettes through his collections.

The modern-day Dior brand offers not only clothes, but also handbags and leather goods, jewelry and watches, cosmetics and perfumes, and much more. Dior has a stellar reputation within all these areas, with cosmetics being particularly popular. Dior handbags are known for combining ladylike elegance with top-notch functionality and stunning materials. The Lady Dior handbag, a favorite of Princess Diana, is particularly famous. Dior perfumes are popular across age ranges for their gentle and understated yet luxurious and unique scents. For the price of 5,000 to 10,000 yen, you can wreathe yourself in the fragrance of this luxury giant.

Dior has fans from all age groups. Although some start their relationship with Dior in their teens, the core group of customers are in their 30s and older. What is the key to the brand's long-lasting and inter-generational success? One important contributor is the sheer range of items available from the brand. With simple cosmetics like lipsticks selling for a relatively affordable 5,000 yen, you don't have to be a millionaire to buy in to the brand's stellar legacy. Dior's fashion collections also uphold the brand's reputation, with a focus on luxury craftsmanship and reinterpreting and remixing the brand's invaluable archives. Above all, Dior means luxury quality that can be depended on for years to come. This is the essential quality behind the lasting popularity of the brand.