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Visvim - shoes and fashion for discerning adults

Visvim was established by designer Hiroki Nakamura in 2001. Initially founded as a shoe brand for men, the brand has expanded into a full-fledged fashion brand, selling clothes and accessories to a devoted customer base both at home and abroad. Visvim's shoes remain the key focus of the brand, praised for their superb combination of unique design with everyday versatility, taking wearers seamlessly from business to leisure. Drawing on Hiroki Nakamura's extensive experience designing for the outdoors and sports market, Visvim expertly combines form with function to produce the perfect wardrobe for the modern lifestyle.


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Visvim enjoys a particularly strong position with male customers 30 years and older. The brand's understated designs are key to appealing to this customer group. Visvim shoes range from sneakers and loafers to boots, and retail from 50,000 yen up to approximately 100,00 yen depending on the model. Visvim clothes are priced at a luxury price point, highlighting the brand's focus on craftsmanship. Functionality is a key consideration in the Visvim design process, leading to top-quality wearable garments.

Visvim was founded in 2001 by Hiroki Nakamura, who worked for snowboard brand Burton up until starting his own brand. Around 2003, Visvim first started branching out from footwear, introducing clothes and accessories into the collection. The brand opened their first stand-alone store in Tokyo's fashionable Omotesando district in 2006, and now enjoys a position as a highly-respected fashion and footwear brand in Japan. The brand is also widely recognized worldwide, and showed a collection in Paris in 2009.

The key to Visvim's success is their versatile designs that blend in seamlessly with a wide variety of styles. Although the designs are often very simple, every detail of each item is considered carefully, and the expert craftsmanship is clearly visible in the finished product. As a result, Visvim designs demonstrate their quality through showcasing the material, giving them a simple and understated look that is versatile and wearable. Their shoes and outwear in particular tend to only improve as they take on the patina of frequent wear, serving your wardrobe for decades to come.