Bitter or Sweet?

Try out different Japanese Teas

The aroma and flavor of Japanese tea varies greatly depending on the season and area it is cultivated in. It is a mysterious beverage that can change from bitter to sweet, depending on the temperature of water used when brewed. We had our staff at FROM JAPAN try out 4 different types of Japanese teas: "Ise tea" (Mie Prefecture), with its subtly sweet flavor, "Oku Midori" (Okinawa Prefecture) the earliest new tea harvested in the season, "Kakegawa tea" (Shizuoka Prefecture), known for its bitterness, and "Genmaicha with matcha" (Kyoto Prefecture), with the fragrant aroma of roasted rice. Even if bitter at first, some teas have a sweet aftertaste. The variation of flavor in each and every type of tea is incredible! We recommend pairing your Japanese tea with Japanese style cookies: matcha, ginger, plum, or sesame, all of these flavors go perfectly with Japanese tea.

Check out Japanese tea!

Check out Japanese style cookies!

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2016/10/11 Anime/Artist Merchandise NEW!

Attention all figure collectors! At long last, our selection for Autumn 2016 anime figures is here! Autumn is here, and that means lots of new awesome figures are scheduled to be released soon, not including only beauties like Hatsune Miku, but also the boys from "Touken Ranbu" and "Bungo Stray Dogs". These figures are crafted with fine detail, and some come included with optional parts and accessories for your own personal taste. Transform your room into a magical world of figures this autumn!

2016/9/27 Food/Drink

August is harvesting season in Japan, and every year Japanese snack makers jump on the opportunity to pack supermarket shelves with limited-time Autumn flavor varieties of popular snacks. We especially recommend Black Koala's March biscuits, made with cocoa and filled with white chocolate. We also love the limited Halloween packaging for Milky chocolates, featuring Peko-chan Halloween stickers! These unique Japanese Autumn snacks are quite tempting, but they're only here for a limited time so make sure you get them now while you can!

2016/9/13 Fashion

Dear FROM JAPAN users, in this edition of our mail magazine we're introducing YAKUSHI Pearl accessories, made of the highest quality freshwater pearls carefully selected from the 1,000 tons of pearls that are harvested annually. We can't help but want this beautifully designed pearl ring adorned with Lapis Lazuli, which is said to bring good fortune. In addition, necklaces and earrings made from Akoya pearls, said to be the highest grade and quality, are a perfect gift for a special person in your life. Whether you're shopping for a loved one or looking to reward yourself, consider pearls that are loved by women all around the world.

2016/8/24 Toys/Games

Attention all Pokemon masters! We hope that your hunt for Pokemon hasn't ended yet, because the Pokemon boom is still going strong! Introducing our latest selection of must-have Pokemon goodies. The first set of the "World Pikachu" Series is currently on sale! Check out these Pikachu dressed in costumes representing countries all around the world, such as the USA, England, Netherlands, and China! For Japan lovers, the Japanese edition is an adorable Pikachu wearing a traditional Kabuki costume and make-up. Don't miss out on your chance to get the Tokyo-limited Pikachu BE@RBRICK!

2016/8/3 Fashion

Hugely popular among Japanese youth, sandals are the hottest trend in Japan right now! Nike and Adidas shower sandals have become an integral part of anyone's wardrobe. Sneaker-shaped KEEN sandals are also a huge hit. For those who want to really stand out, character sandals are perfect! How about some Hello Kitty or Super Mario sandals? Decorate your feet with our awesome selection of sandals!

2016/7/27 Appliances, AV, Cameras

Turn your house into a cafe with our selection of awesome appliances! Organize a house-party where you impress your guests with homemade ice-cream inside of freshly baked waffle cones! Try the Polar Ice machine to make cute penguin-shaped ice cubes for your guests drinks! Lots of smiles guaranteed!

2016/7/20 Anime

Love Live! fans, the wait is finally over! Starting in July, a new "Love Live!" series has started broadcasting in Japan, "Love Live! Sunshine!!". The hottest anime this summer revolves around the story of 9 girls as they strive and grow to become School Idols. Check out these "μ's" member goods currently popular on FROM JAPAN along with the new series!

2016/7/13 Fashion

A BATHING APE x Dragon Ball, OUTDOOR x Pokemon! Check out these collaborations and more between Japanese fashion brands and popular anime and video game series! Check out these fashionable video game collabs from the world of Kantai Collection and Idolish7. With these fashion collaborations, you can always be together with the Matsuno siblings or your favorite Love Live! member. Who will you pick?

2016/7/6 Toys/Games

The winners of the 2016 Japan Toy Awards have been decided! One of our favorites at FROM JAPAN is the Tamagotchi m!x, on sale starting July 16. These aren't the same Tamagotchi that we grew up with, these Tamagotchi can inherit the genes of their parents, and even marry other Tamagotchis! We're also introducing toys that people of all ages want to play with.

2016/6/29 Appliances, AV, Cameras

Light and compact, this premium camera can produce superb quality pictures and is a must-have item for all outdoor enthusiasts this summer. Shooting the starry sky has never been so easy! Record the streaks created by the movement of stars through the sky in a single timelapse image with the Star Trails feature. Check out some of our other recommended cameras, including the fixed focal lens FUJIFILM X70, a super popular camera among tourists in Japan which boasts a 35 language menu!

2016/6/22 Watches/Accessories

The most popular watch among FROM JAPAN users is the Casio G-SHOCK and its many variations, but there are also plenty of other cool Japanese watches with unique functions and designs! Our current favorite is the "Kanji Watch", with a dial that slowly breaks apart a Japanese kanji character over time and forms the correct kanji once per hour.

2016/6/15 Toys/Games

New anime figures are coming out this summer in full force! Anime figures coming out this summer include One Piece figures from the movie releasing in theaters on July 13th, and characters from the ever popular Osomatsu-san series. Don't miss out on the wave of new anime figure releases this summer, place your pre-orders now!


Japan's highest mountain, Mt. Fuji, was registered as a world heritage site in June 2013 and has become quite a hotspot for foreigners visiting Japan from around the world. For centuries, Mt. Fuji has been the inspiration of many works of art and drawings, and lately the mountain has become the theme of many fun goods and products. From chocolate to T-shirts, Japanese fans and more, we're introducing to you 8 totally cool Mt. Fuji themed goods!


2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the popular series Sailor moon. With the 3rd season of the "Sailor Moon Crystal" anime starting from April in Japan, as well as a special Sailor Moon exhibition that is being held from the 16th of April until the 19th of June in Tokyo, the Sailor Moon boom is still going strong! We're introducing goods that will help any Sailor Moon fan immerse into the world of Sailor Moon. From figures and cosmetics to cosplay outfits, each of these items is made with fine detail and care, making them perfect for adult fans too!


February 27th marked the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series. To commemorate, plenty of nostalgic anniversary products are being released! We've gathered a few of our favorites, including not only pixel themed goods from the first Pokemon Red and Green games, but limited items from the new Pokemon Center in Kyoto that opened on 3/16. Get rare goods of the original Pokemon, available now for a limited time!


Spring is approaching rapidly, and our long awaited spring figures are coming out soon! In Japan, spring is a season for new and fresh starts, looked forward to by both children and adults alike. The world of figures is also ready to introduce their new creations. From Miku to Haikyu!!, Nendoroids to Figmas, we've gathered some of the figures you'll definitely want to grab for this spring. Some of these figures are highly anticipated, so make sure to pre-order soon as availability is limited!


There are seasonal items only available for a limited time for each season in Japan. In Japan, spring is the season for students to begin a new school year. This means it‘s a season for new bags, stationery, watches, and other products! We're introducing new sakura-themed products and items only available on sale during spring in Japan. These would make wonderful gifts for that special someone... or perhaps a reward for yourself?


Durability. Functionality. Superior design. First on sale in 1980, the G-SHOCK watch has since then come out with a diverse variety of models and designs. The standard G-SHOCK watch is popular among FROM JAPAN users, but unique G-SHOCK watches such as the Gundam 35th Anniversary, Sailor Moon x Baby-G collaboration, as well as other collaborations are hot sellers! You'll be sure to find the model you're looking for with FROM JAPAN!


In Japan, the world of chocolate is brimming with excitement when February comes around. On Valentine's Day, it's become customary in Japan for girls to give chocolate to people they like and perhaps even make confessions of love! Lately, giving chocolates to friends and people you are grateful for has become the norm. For Valentine's Day every year, chocolate makers take advantage of the season to introduce new flavors and variations for their products, so now is the time to try! Our staff has carefully selected 9 of our favorite chocolates to introduce to you to try. These products are expected to sell out quick, so get your hands on them while you can!


My Neighbor Totoro: the film that captured our childish imaginations and sent us scrambling for our leaf umbrellas on rainy days, hoping to catch the Catbus. Despite his long career as a film director, Hayao Miyazaki has yet to create a character more loveable, recognized, and kawaii than his 1988 work, My Neighbor Totoro. Our childhood days of searching for the gentle forest spirit within our backyards and neighborhoods may have come to an end, but every Studio Ghibli fan knows that the next best thing to literally having Totoro as an imaginary neighbor is surrounding yourself and your home with the most magical of Totoro merchandise. From kitchenware to bedroom decor and on-the-go Totoro merch, dive in and take a look at our favorite magical cat collectables!


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