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2014 Hit Items

The appeal of hard to get items!

During 2014, most popular anime goods have been the "Ichibankuji".
Ichibankuji is a type of lottery sold all over Japan's convenience stores or bookshops and you always win something! Since the prizes are not for sale, if you missed the lottery, the only way to get the items is to win them on auctions, so they are very valuable.

Last November, widely popular Sailor Moon got its first Ichibankuji released and even on FJ it was a huge topic for all their fans!

Let us also introduce other most searched Ichibankuji anime on FJ!
Recommended items!

One Piece
Dressrosa edition

Ace of Diamond Ichiban Omikuji

Kuroko's Basketball
After school ver.2

Pokemon Grass Expedition


Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Recommended items

These are 2014 Cosmetics Best Sellers!

What are this year's popular cosmetic items...?

Throughout the year, most ordered cosmetic in FJ has been MAX FACTOR's "SK-II".
Excellent in moisture-retention, as a basic skin-care product to prepare the skin, it is a long-established series.

The No.1 make-up brush is "HAKUHODO" by far. With its soft hair ends, the brand surprised people from all over the world. They also made a collaboration limited set with Hello Kitty.
Recommended items!

Another staple brand for
basic skin-care : FANCL

Worldwide professional
makeup artists' favorite!

Beautiful from the inside!
Health supplement DHC
Important event

The "Tokyo Chocolate Show 2014" was held in Harajuku, the district with rows of delicious sweet shops lining up.
The fans of the mild sweetness of Japanese chocolate are spreading all over the world. We recommend you Hokkaido's "Royce", the most sold chocolate on FJ this year.
Popular sightseeing spot Hokkaido has many popular presents such as "Shiroi Koibito" -white chocolate put between two langues de chat-or the potato snack "Jagapokkuru".

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