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This season's recommendations!

Warm feet, warm at home.

These days are getting cold and we can see that people walking in the town are wearing winter clothes more and more. Women’s feet are a good indicator that winter is coming, and mouton boots seem to be this year's trend! In Japan, the most popular brand is " UGG". Soft and fluffy, they seem to be very warm!

After coming back home, let's put on our favorite cute room wear and let's relax while eating delicious hot food in a warm room!
Recommended items!

It's not for going out so let's
choose our favorite characters!
Room socks and boots

The two most popular
oil fan heaters are
Dainichi & Corona

Lantern-type heaters are popular by their stylish look and soft light

Hot sandwiches, waffles, madeleine, etc By changing the plates you can bake anything HOT ! Vitantonio VWH-110

Would you like a cup of coffee from a heat resistant glass teapot HARIO?

THIS is the secret weapon!
Do you know the "disposable heating pad" ? It gets warm just by shaking it and lasts a long time. It is very useful and on the top of it very cheap!

Recommended items!

When receiving presents, the heart also warms up.
During Christmas in Japan, the items most given as presents... are in fact jewellery and accessories.
We would like to first introduce you to FJ's 2014 most popular: Georg Jensen. Their artistry and fine detail in silverwork is so attractive.

Others are Japanese brand 4℃ or Chrome Hearts (popular brand among men), and Ojaga Design's colorful leather accessories are also worth your attention!
Recommended items!

Japanese long-established
jewellery brand

Even men are fascinated
by silver's brightness
Chrome Hearts

Everything is handmade!
Their iPhone cases are a hit!
Ojaga Design
Recommended amusement spots

During the Christmas season, the amusement park where we want to go the most is obviously Tokyo Disney Resort (R), which sells Christmas limited goods every year.

There is only one Disney Sea in the world, and it is in Japan. Its night landscape is so romantic!
Disney Sea's most popular character is Duffy the Bear which has many limited sale items, not just during Christmas period, and they include changes of clothes which are very hard to obtain.

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