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Important event

Annoucement of new models?! Full attention for all Gunpla fans from all over the world!

Mobile Suit Gundam plastic models, commonly called Gunpla, will reach their 35th anniversary next year. The "GUNPLA EXPO WORLD TOUR JAPAN 2014", held from the 21st to the 24th of November in Akihabara (Tokyo), was the place to find out all the new model announcements!
The Japanese Great Final of "GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP 2014", a public contest in which Gunpla modelers compete with other Gunpla fans to be the best model-maker was also held.

The nationally popular Gundam has also a large range of limited sale items as well as collaboration items, but they usually sell out very fast so be careful!
Recommended items !

So rare that if you don't win it in the lottery you won't get your hands on it!

Fans holy land, the full-size
Gundam is the landmark of
Odaiba (Tokyo)
"Gundam Front Tokyo"
limited items

Essential item for fans!
Gundam x Gshock

A cool Tshirt with the casual fashion brand "Uniqlo"

Interested in a mug from
"Gundam Cafe" ?

Popular high quality bag brand "Porter" collaboration is stylish!

This season's recommendations!

Moisture is the best to protect beauty and prevent colds

Winter in Japan is divided in two climates. On the Japan Sea side, snow days go on but, on the opposite side between high mountains, the Pacific Ocean side has a dry and clear weather.

The air of Tokyo is getting more and more dry as we are approaching winter, and dryness is the great enemy of beauty. Let's keep our skin's moisture with highly efficient world top class Japanese beauty electric appliances! FJ's top sale facial steamer is Panasonic’s NanoCare EH-SA33-P.
Recommended items !

Always No.1 seller for handy type beauty applicance HITACHI HadaCRIE CM-N2000

Protect the moisture of your hair and skin with the effect of negative ions. Panasonic EH-NA96-VP Hair Dryer is the most popular

Humidifying the air of all your rooms is a standard! The most valuable is Sharp KC-B50-W
Recommended collaboration item !

At the ATP World Tour Finals which determines the annual king of Tennis, Kei Nishikori was the first Asian to make his way up to the semifinals and attracted the World's attentionright away! Nishikori's wear sponsor is the Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo.

This time, the stylish and popular among youngsters fashion brand "UNDER COVER" and Uniqlo came back with the collaboration line up "UU" after a 2 year absence!

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