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Only now! Only on this store! Let's not hesitate and get limited edition items!
Among popular anime or character goods, there is a great number of limited editions. Most of these items are sold upon a make-to-order reservation system. One of the most well-known items are from Sailor Moon, and everyone rushes to make their reservations in time.
On the Premium Bandai distributor’s website, reservations for new items open on a regular basis, so if you are a fan, make sure to check it from time to time!
Japanese people are very weak to the word "limited" and can end up buying these items almost mechanically. What about you?
Recommended items !

Sailor Moon x Harakuju fashion shop "SPINNS" Stylish collaboration wear

The difference with the work's
theme is fascinating
Attack on Titan

Rilakkuma x convenience
store chain LAWSON
The collaboration items are infinite!

The most popular Pokemon Center limited items are plush toys

Entrance upon reservation.
Museum Limited items

Weekly magazine Shonen Jump's
most famous characters all gathered
in one amusement park
J-WORLD TOKYO limited items

This week's breaking news!

Introduction of a Japanese traditional celebration !
Let us introduce the main festival of November that is "Shichi-Go-San"(七五三). This is a ceremony where families pay a visit to a Shinto shrine in order to celebrate their children's growth turning 7, 5 and 3 years, and
to pray for their safe future.
The standard present to the children who dressed in a small kimono is shoes. Maybe because we can make sure of how much they grow up in
2 years?
For this, we can suggest you the " NEW BALANCE 996" which are the most popular kids sneakers on FJ !
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are also very popular

Protect children's skin with the recently popular and ultra-soft ”Imabari Towel”

As popular as Pokemon among the current "Shichi-Go-San" aged children!
Recommended collaboration item !
This year, which is Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary, has seen successive collaboration items. This time, we would like to introduce you with the instant camera " Instax".
We are currently in the golden age of the digital camera but instant cameras which can print directly on a film are still very useful in events such as parties.
It is also very appealing to collect the cute patterns or characters printed in the frames of these mini films.

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