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Did you get ready your calendar for next year?
There’s only two months left in this year...
Don’t you have anything in mind for next year’s calendar?
There are many types of calendars in Japan and, among them,
the top sellers are idol calendars.
Even among the idol calendars, the group AKB48
is by far the favorite this year again.
The calendars of Momoiro Clover Z
-who introduced the new Sailor Moon theme song
during their opening act for Lady Gaga's performance
in Japan- also are very popular.
As such items are limited edition of this time of the year,
go ahead and buy a calendar of the anime or characters you like!
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Kantai Collection


One Piece


Dragon Ball


This week's breaking news!

Successive releases of collaboration item with characters !
Let us introduce you the item that is giving everyone
the genuine desire to live among one's favorite characters.
With the collaboration of Japanese fashion brand BEAMS,
top Pokemon, Pikachu has been made into
a real life sized replica! According to the brand,
this item has the same measurements (40 cm tall, 6 kg)
as described in the Nintendo Game Boy’s game information
when it first entered the market in 1996.
It is one of a kind!
Recommended items !

"40th Anniversary !
Hello Kitty CD Collaboration "

"35th anniversary since the anime release
G-SHOCK x Gundam: Mobile Suit"

How about
a sexy Sailor Moon ?
The many commemorative days of Japan!
"November 11th is known as ""Pocky Day"".
Pocky is a chocolate coated thin snack and is
one of the most popular and loved treats in Japan
since its release near 50 years ago.
We established this day as the number 11 (eleven)
evokes the thin and long Pocky. These days in Japan,
it is usual to offer Pocky as a present after coming back
from a trip. Among all the popular tastes in Japan,
"Matcha" (Green Tea) taste is the one on top.
It would seem that people who are fond of this taste
just can't help but buy boxes of Pocky!

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