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Important event

Halloween in Japan is like a huge cosplay stage!
The Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival 2014
recently took place in Ikebukuro (Tokyo),
gathering cosplayers from all over the world.
And in this cosplay parade,
lots of girls' outfits were from " Love Live! ",
while many guys went for " Yowamushi Pedal " costumes.
Ikebukuro and Akihabara are both considered
the "Holy Land" of manga culture
because of their famous anime stores
and shops specialized in " dōjinshi" (fan-made comics).
Recently an official store for one of cosplay's staples,
"Neon Genesis EVANGELION", has also been opened.
At the same time,
the Tokyo International Film Festival 2014 took place.
Hideaki Anno's "Evangelion" works got
special screenings in a few theaters,
and some cosplayers even appeared onstage.
This is the 27th edition of Japan's biggest film festival,
and high quality animation and
SFX movies were invited as special guests.

Contestants in
the World Cosplay Summit
price winner also love
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Made into a Japanese bell motive,
Pixar's care robot BIG HERO 6

Soon to be a motion picture!
Attack on Titan

Movie adaptation on the way

Mamoru Oshii
The Next Generation -Patlabor-

Made by
"The Ghost in the Shell" 's
creator Masamune Shirow :
Appleseed Alpha

Hot entertainment news!

Get real brand items at a reasonable cost!
When talking about classic movies,
the actress Grace Kelly, who later became the Princess of Monaco,
had outfits so gorgeous that
they have later been described as the style of Grace of Monaco.
Some of her works helped the revival of now globally recognized
luxury brands like Hermes, Christian Dior, Cartier or Swarovski.
In Japanese auction sites,
the great condition of secondhand
but genuine brand items is highly regarded all over the world.
Feel like going on a treasure hunt online?

Christian Dior


The many commemorative days of Japan!
The 1st of November is "Sushi Day",
although it's not very well known.
It has been 50 years since this day was established,
but not many Japanese people know about it...
Sushi is the most popular Japanese food
and is eaten all over the world.
The reason may be because they are small and colorful !
Because of this, there are many toys
and everyday items inspired by sushi,
as well as USB memories, electronic accessories,
plastic food replicas and many more items,
often given as presents from Japan.

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