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This season's recommendations! (1)

The falling leaves' season is the best
to enjoy the mountains!
Continuing last week's expressions for fall in Japan,
this week we bring you "Excursion's season"
(literally "Kouraku no Aki", meaning "Autumn of excursions").
Now is the season
when the mountains are colored with reds and yellows,
and camping, fishing and other types of leisure activities abound.
These past few years, Snow Peak ,
an outdoor utensils maker,
is being highly regarded for its Dutch ovens .
Made with Japan's highly skilled metal casting,
it is very surprising how the thin and light these masterpieces are.
Now, let's pick a camera
that can take great landscape pictures
and go take a drive!
Don't forget the newest air cleaners,
or the child seats that let you sit even small babies comfortabily.
Recommended items !

Even in the city,
climbing its way to the top in popularity with girls!

Plenty of colors!

SHIMANO's reel


Japan's technology
to protect your kids

FJ's No.1 item is made by SHARP!
Air cleaner(for car)

This season's recommendations! (2)

Taking the lead: jewelry or bags?
In Europe, we call a bride who marries
in June's warm weather a "June bride",
but did you know that in Japan wedding ceremonies
are mostly hold in fall for its fine weather?
At the wedding reception,
the bride usually changes her dress many times
(called "Oiro naoshi"),
and because of this the "photo time" is also very long!
Canon IXY is ideal!
Stylish and highly performant, it is a must-buy for this price!!
Recommended items !

The staple of jewelry accessories,

The deep-rooted popularity of

The strongly popular
new bag standard of
Kate Spade
This week's Hot News!
The website "MAG PROJECT"
which advocates for the elimination of illegal contents
in manga and anime has become the main topic recently.
By sharing this project with your friends,
the popular characters which exceed a quota set
by the publishers will gradually meet up
and complete the dreamy project
of a special illustration collaboration!
At the moment, we can see a boy with a straw hat,
a ninja eating ramen, a boy who fights Titans...
and also a little detective!
For those who want to see who these characters are,
click here!

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