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Which Fall 2014 anime series has been chosen
as the most expected by 10,000 fans?!
In Japan, the new anime season starts in April,
and after that every 3 months some new shows
also start their broadcasting.
This time, one of Japan's leading anime information websites,
Charapedia, ran a poll with ten thousand anime fans to find
"Fall 2014's Most Expected Series".
And shinning up from the No. 1 spot stood " Psycho-Pass 2 ".
It is the second season to a SF and action series
depicting the near future where there is a high-tech psychological war
between a police bureu and criminals.
Both men and women sent a lot of votes for this show.
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No. 2: Fate/stay night

No. 3: Yowamushi Pedal

No. 4: The Seven Deadly Sins

No. 5: Girl Friend BETA



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Colourful, attention grabbing and delicious cookware
The Japanese Fall has from old times
been called by many expressions
and it is often referred as the season for appetite
(Shokuyoku no Aki).
We think that this saying is because the rice harvest is in Fall,
and it is also a fact that the we grow a bigger apetite
when using our favorite cookware or plates!
On that point,
the most popular item on FJ is undeniably the French
LE CREUSET cooking pot.
Red, orange and yellow, warm colors and style,
this superb item with great functionality
will make your mouth water!
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Denmark-style brand
DANSK is also popular

A pride to Japan,
bone china maker NARUMI

Wonderul heat insulation
from Japan's well established
ZOJIRUSHI's foodjah
Hot topic!
From about last year,
there has been a real boom for cafe and popular characters
or anime doing time-limited collaborations.
Funassyi, the unofficial mascot character of Funabashi city
(in Chiba, next to Tokyo)
has become very fast famous all over Japan.
Last September PARCO opened a
"FUNcafe" in Shibuya for only 1 month.
The waiting line reached up to 5 hours !
The characters on the plates are so cute
that it's a pity to eat them!
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Hello Kitty

My Melody


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