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Important event

250,000 people get together in the world's biggest game event!
Companies and organizations from 32 countries
and prefectures gather to participate
in the The Tokyo Game Show 2014 .
About 250,000 fans from abroad came to see it too!
Besides experiencing the evolution of
games simulators with 3D glasses,
details were unveiled for large scale production games such as
Monster Hunter , Dragon Quest and others.
There were long lines to try and play various new games,
and the cosplay contest was a great success.
It's expected that, from now on,
gameplay streamings will become a huge boom.
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Dangan Ronpa


This season's recommendations!

Don't you think that Halloween is one of the origins of cosplay?
Halloweenhas become a huge event
in Japan in the past few years,
and Tokyo Disney land, one of its precursors here,
is having a special campaign!

Every year special limited products are released to celebrate this day.
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Limited Special Edition
Halloween Sweets from Disney.

They also have many costumes.

Only in Japan!
Special Edition Halloween
Pumpkin flavored Kit-Kat!
Hot news! Japan goes crazy over iPhone 6's release!
The long awaited iPhone 6 was released in Japan on September 19th,
and in all Apple stores accross the country long lines
of Apple enthusiasts just couldn't wait for their opening!

More than 50% of the iPhone market share is in Japan.
And of course, when it comes to the amount and types of
accessories and cases available, Japan is on top.
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