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Important event

"Kawaii" Culture transmission from Roppongi Hills!
The "Doll Culture Exhibition" takes place in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
from 13th September to 19th October.
This exhibition regroups all the famous fashion dolls
that almost every girl may have ever played with.
Loving "Kawaii" (Cuteness) is a worldwide feeling
and is never fading... It can even appeal the girl's mind of many adults!
The adult-oriented " Licca Castle Small Shop Tokyo"
also opened last August in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
It is a must-see for all the "girls" planning to visit Japan!
Recommended items !

Hatsune Miku becomes also Licca-chan!

Jenny x Lolita Fashion

A good match between
Barbie and fashion items!

Deformed type Pullip is also
very popular

Super Dollfie fine art,
with plenty of wigs

Many Dollfie Dream collaborations
with anime and game

Long-seller items

Even if boys become adults, they still like nice rides.
Yearning for truly cool vehicles, this is a man's romance!

Beyond generation gaps,
the common interest can surely stronger the bond
between a father and his son:
mini cars , mini 4WD, model trains,
and all kind of vehicles which excite the collectors' spirit!
Recommended items !

mini 4WD


N scale
There are surely unforgettable characters
From a long time ago,
Japanese anime has been worldwidely broadcasted on TV.
As little kids, we surely enjoyed watching TV,
and even now there are many people who can sing
the main theme songs, aren't there?
Among all animes, Doraemon is
deeply ingrained in almost every Japanese's heart,
and this summer the movie
"STAND BY ME Doraemon" shone at the first place.
On the other side, there are also a lot of foreign characters
being continuously loved in Japan.
Recommended items !

Dragon Ball


Sailor Moon

My Neighbor Totoro

Hello Kitty

It's your turn to become a doll !
Let us introduce the facial beauty appliance
most sold at FROM JAPAN so that you can also get super smooth skin.

There are two types: the steamer and the electronic types .
With the new popular hot eye-masks,
you can freshen up and have sparkling eyes!
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