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US Open Tennis "Uniqlo" confrontation!
Few days ago, on the US Open tennis court,
what captures not only Japan but all the world tennis fans was Kei Nishikori.
Unfortunately, he missed the first victory of an Asian player but,
when he won the semifinale against the ranked World No 1 player, Novak Djokovic,
the brand he was wearing, the Japan first fashion brand,
Uniqlo, collected at the same time a worldwide interest.
Kei Nishikori's wear was so popular that it was sold out!
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Nishikori player's highly in demand
Wilson Racket

The shoes are

For Djokovic's wear,
it's here!

Hot sport related goods

The Autumn of Sport ... Sports anime are hot!!
In Japan, the Autumn has many refreshing bright sky days,
it is a season that totally fits for sports,
as such we usually use the expression "Autumn of sport".
Recently, there have been many sports anime
that are showing a real enthusiasm.
Let us introduce some sports anime goods from
"Ichiban Kuji" presented last week.
First, if we say tennis anime, you say.... of course
"The Prince of Tennis" !
Passionning! Touching! A set of handsome men!


(Volley Ball)

Yowamushi Pedal

Ace of Diamond

Kuroko's Basketball
(Basket Ball)

Chihayafuru (Karuta - Japanese traditional playing cards)
※it's not a sport but it's very popular!
Nowadays sports gear???
After the excercise, fatigue recovery in a comfortable sleep.
Premium mattress topper Airweave
is receiving strong support from many Japanese top athletes.
From Kei Nishikori to figure skater Mao Asada
or ski jumper Sara Takanashi,
during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics,
more than 70 % of the athletes brought their bedding toppers
in the athlete quarter.
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Head camera standard

Stylish but multifunctional!

NY Yankees player Ichiro's favorite
Oakley RADER
Hot collaboration - BEAMS x NIKE + Japanese bilboquet

Japanese popular fashion brand "BEAMS"
has released a limited model of the famous NIKE shoes
"LUNAR FLY306" with a fresh design and colors.
Otherwise, you must also keep an eye on the collaborations with the
"Kendama (Japanese bilboquet)"
which multiplied its fans from all over the world.
Let's look at some video sites to check how to play with a Kendama !
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