Terms and Conditions

Article 1:(Definition)

The following terms are defined as follows:

"Member" refers to individuals that have acknowledged the Terms and Conditions when registering on this website. 
"We" refers to FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd.
"Service" refers to the proxy shopping and transaction services we provide for customers.
"Plan" refers to the mandatory purchasing plan that is instructed when using our service. The plans are the "Buyer Protection Plan" and "Basic Forwarding Plan".
"Transaction" refers to the purchasing of items by members through this website.
"Seller" refers to merchants selling items on Yahoo! Auctions or other online shopping services.
"Terms and Conditions" refers to the terms, conditions, and cautionary notes listed on this website.

Article 2:(FROM JAPAN member)

Members cannot transfer or lend their member status and benefits enjoyed of using this website.

Article 3:(Terms and Conditions)


The following terms and conditions are applicable to all members. All members are required to follow these terms and conditions.


Our terms and conditions are in accordance with Japanese law. As such, our terms and conditions have been interpreted based upon Japanese law and so the interpretation of laws from other countries do not impact upon these terms and conditions.


Any court proceedings concerning our terms and conditions shall be resolved by the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Small Claims Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction.

Article 4:(Member registration)

Member requirements

Individuals who accept these Terms and Conditions and apply for membership will become a member on completion of the required registration formalities, which must be completed by the member himself or herself. Acting on behalf of a third party is not permitted. Application requests from those who have been disqualified before or are not deemed to meet membership requirements may be refused.

Input of member information

To register, type the required information in the spaces provided. Be sure to read the Cautionary Notes before registering.

Possesion of multiple accounts is prohibited.

As per FROM JAPAN rules, Members are only eligible for one account per person.

Article 5:(User ID and password management)

The user ID and password are to be safeguarded by users themselves and changed periodically for safety reasons. The user is deemed to be the person with the corresponding user ID if both the user ID and password are consistent with those registered and are verified by specified methods. We are not liable for loss sustained from fraudulent or illegal use of someone else’s user ID or password.

Article 6:(Modification of registered information

Please go to Mypage to amend registered information. We cannot be held responsible for losses incurred that are attributable to the user's failure to carry out correct procedures. Transactions conducted before amendment will be carried out according to the old information.

Article 7:(Membership cancellation)

Please go to Mypage to cancel your membership.

Article 8:(Disclaimer)


We cannot guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, usefulness, reliability, or legality of information about Sellers, the transaction conducted by Sellers, the products sold, the service and the information on the website as well as the personal information of the Sellers, or whether they infringe the rights of third parties.


In no event will we be liable to you or anyone else for any loss incurred by system interruption, delay, suspension or data loss, or loss caused by illegal data access, as well as any loss caused by other services provided by this website.


We do not guarantee that e-mails sent by or through our website, server or domain name are free of viruses.


We cannot be held responsible for any information or advice we provide to you.


We are not liable for the loss incurred by violation of these Terms and Conditions.


There may be country specific duties and taxes imposed on your bid that are not reflected in our prices. As we, From Japan Limited, are unable to partake in the clearing of items through customs in your country, in the case that your items require additional documentation, or additional tax and duties are required, you are fully responsible for providing such documents and import related payments. For details regarding requirements of importing your items, please contact your local customs office.


If the destination country requires an import license or other permit for import of the merchandise, it is your responsibility to obtain such a license or permit at your own expense.


In the case that an item does not arrive due to a fraudulent seller defaulting on shipment, suspension of business or seller bankruptcy, we assume no liability of the item cost. We also assume no liability of the item cost in the event that an item is determined to be counterfeit after being shipped to a member's address. Regardless of the reason, members cannot seek compensation for any losses incurred in such instances.
However, items covered by our "Buyer Protection Plan" will be fully insured and compensated for any losses (product price, domestic shipping costs, and payment fees to the seller) in the case of a non-delivery.


When we process the packing and shipping affairs,we won't amend the value in the label due to the limit of Japanese laws.


When we process the packing and shipping affairs, the items are possible to be divided into several packages if oversized item exceeds the limit of shipping method though they have been combined together.


All items purchased through us shall first be sent to our warehouse before being sent to you. We are not able to ship items directly from the seller to your address.
If an item is specified to send to a local Japanese address, members are required to pay 8% of the total charges as an additioanl fee. But if you used PayPal to make the payment, your items can only be shipped to your registered address with PayPal.


We do not offer a service where we can write reviews for items. For items which have the option to write a review upon which a reward will be given, we will select the option to not write the review. As such, any rewards such as free shipping or discount, etc. which may be received for writing a review, cannot be applied to these items.


Because the fraud usage of credit card is increasing, we will inquire an authorization number from members if we receive a request from our credit card company. The card holder can get that number simply only if contact the credit card company. Please note that we will dispose of the item without notice if we cannot receive a correct authorization number within 10 days.


In different countries import restrictions may exist. Please contact your country's relevant department for details before you make a purchase via our service. Please note we are not liable for any loss arising from your failure to comply with these terms. In such a case,we are not able to cancel your orde as well.


It is only possible to send items containing lithium ion batteries to certain countries. Before bidding on items containing lithium ion batteries, please check whether they can or cannot be sent to your country. We cannot be held responsible if it is not possible for such items to be sent to your country after winning or purchasing the item.
For the sending of lithium batteries to be possible in any case, the battery must be inside and connected to the main item, it can not be seperate. As such there are times when we shall have to open an item up to check this is done properly. If you do not want us to open the item, then please let us know in advance.
If you are purchasing an item with a lithioum battery, then please email us with the item number so we can ensure the item is dispatched correctly. There are occasions when an item will be returned to us if the battery is not properly connected to the item. We are unable to take responsiblity for any losses in time or delivery payment in such cases.


When release deposit or issue refund for the payment of charge 1 and charge 2 paid by credit card or PayPal, we are not responsible for the balance incurred by the fluctuations in foreign exchange rate.


After bidding on a Yahoo auction item, even if you received the notification that you failed the bid, there is still a possibility to win that item finally due to the changes between the seller and the winner. In this case, member is required to buy the item at the final winning bid.


Due to the needs of financial management, we will keep the bill, receipt or voucher issued by the seller and don't provide them to members. Due to the needs of financial management, we will keep the bill, receipt or voucher issued by the seller as important documentation and don't provide them to members.


For users who wish to have specialized packaging ordered for oversize or irregular shaped items, special made-to-order packaging will incur additional packaging fees.


Items that arrive at our distribution center consolidated in the same package by the seller cannot be separated or shipped to different addresses.


The charge 2 payment limit for this is 3 days as such payment is required within this time. From the 4th day since the charge 2 form has been sent, a fee of 100 Yen per item, per day shall be charged and added to your charge 2 payment. (Large items may incur an additional fee.) If we do not receive your charge 2 payment within 30 days of your charge 2 form being sent to you, we shall automatically withdraw the payment from your credit card, FJ points account or deposit. If we are unable to make this withdrawal, then we shall dispose of you items without further notice, refund or compensation.


In case we purchased incorrect item(s) by mistake, we refund charge 1 and charge 2 payment. If the item(s) have been delivered to you already, we will compensate the overseas shipping when returning the item(s) back to Japan and convert that to member's account as FJ points. Please note that we don't compensate other expenses incurred.


We reserve the right to interpret the use of the points awarded by stores or at auction, which are earned on purchases made through our website.


Items will be packed and handled as to FROM JAPAN's regulations. We don't accept the detailed packing instructions for every single item.


Members are recommended to provide the correct Item name, Item picture and Individual item URL, and these 3 descriptions should be identical to each other. We are not responsible in case we bought the incorrect item(s) due to the description shortage or the description discrepancy.


Please note that we don’t offer the proxy shopping service for ADULT GOODS. If you are not sure whether your desired item(s) belongs to adult goods, please be sure to contact us in advance. We reserve the right to explain and dispose for these order(s) and don’t refund for the order(s) submitted without prior confirmation.


Regarding the orders that need to be paid at the convenience store or post office, additional 1,000 yen commission fee will apply. If you have any questions on this matter, please be sure to contact us before bidding or paying the charge 1 payment.


If members want to change the shipment after receiving the charge 2 payment form, extra 1,500 yen repacking fee is required.


Our bidding system generally uses the same bidding accounts to place bids on Yahoo! Auctions, however there may be cases where a different bidding ID is used for the following reasons.
- Another FROM JAPAN user has placed a bid on the same auction.
- An ID becoming unusable on Yahoo! Auctions
Additionally, in the case that auctions from the same seller are won from different IDs, we may not be able to combine the domestic shipping cost.


All orders placed through the FROM JAPAN website are made under the company directors name. As a result, when purchasing products such as concert tickets, entry passes, etc., which require a customers name to be printed, FROM JAPAN are unable to change this name to the purchasing customers name. Additionally, as we at FROM JAPAN are unable to provide proof of identification there is the possibility of a ticket becoming invalid as you will be unable to provide proof of identity which matches the name written on the purchased product. As such, before purchasing please confirm whether proof of identification is necessary. FROM JAPAN cannot take any responsibility for items which may become invalid due to identification problems and as a result cannot offer a refund.


When ordering items from Yahoo Auctions through our bidding system, the name under which the items are purchased will be the original purchaser of the item. Except for when the seller is offering a service where they will change the name on the order to that of a 3rd party name, generally the name will remain as that of the original purchaser.
With ticket items there is a chance that if you are unable to provide identification matching the name which is on the ticket, your ticket may become invalid. Before purchasing the item, please be sure to check whether the item is one which requires ID to be shown in order to be used. In the case that the seller is offering to lend ID, or a copy of their ID in order to enter the venue, as we are unable to take responsibility for the loss of such items, we are unable to accept such offers from the seller for handing over of personal identification. As such, please take this into account before bidding.
In the event that your ticket does becomes invalidated, we are unable to take responsibility for this. Please understand that we shall not be able to offer any compensation or refund in such cases.


The purchase of Web Money, Electronic Tickets, Electronic Entrance tickets, etc. is limited to customers who pay using From Japan points only. If another payment method is used, we can only send the ticket or charge code via post and we are unable to provide you with your ticket or charge code in advance. When purchasing intangible items such as Web Money, Electronic Tickets and Electronic entrance tickets, etc., please only purchase the item after confirming with us on how you need to pay in order to receive the item. In addition, please be aware that we cannot gurantee that your ticket or charge code will arrive to you within the use-by period. Items that do not need physically sending via post, will also incur an additional 8% fee ontop of the total payment.


For orders covered by our Buyer Protection Plan, we can contact the store or seller free of charge to request an exchange or repair for any reported damage, missing parts, or product flaws if reported within 7 days after item arrival.


For items purchased through our service with our Basic Forwarding Plan, in the case that damage is proven to be caused due to our negligence, we will reimburse the member for half of the product or auction price (winning auction price) up to a limit for 50,000 yen. If the product price cannot be divided evenly, the amount will be rounded down to the nearest decimal value.


FedEx, one of the shipping company we use, offers special shipping rates to FROM JAPAN. As such, we are not covered for the Money Back Guarantee in case of delivery delays. In case your shipment has been delayed, your item value lowered or your item lost, neither FROM JAPAN nor FedEx shall be responsible.


The option "Up to FJ" in the shipping instructions is currently in beta (β) phase. If the option "Up to FJ" is selected, our packing staff will decide the shipping method on your behalf. The packing method may differ depending on the shipping method. Please kindly take into account that in case you are not satisfied with our packing, we will not be able to repack your shipment for free. In case we have to repack your order, you will be charged an additional fee of 1,500 yen. We appreciate your kind understanding in this matter.


The following items can't be sent by EMS: cash, stamps, checks, stocks or other valuable bonds as such as precious metals and valuable items like gems or jewels.
Including the items listed below too, our company doesn't allow customers to have these items shipped by EMS. If the post office, international post or customs detect such shipment, the items will be returned to our warehouse.
Any returning cost or processing fees that might be incurred in such situation will be charged to the customer.

<Valuable items that can't be shipped by EMS>
● Coins, bank notes, bills
● Promissory notes, travelers cheque, etc.
● White gold, gold, silver, gems, jewels, etc. (altered or not)


If you wish to use a store coupon code when making a purchase, please add it in the "comments" section.
Please keep in mind that although discount tickets, points and other types of coupons might be added in the "comments", there might be cases when we are not able to use them when making purchases on your behalf. We thank you for your understanding of this.


FROM JAPAN can only request for compensation for packages containing lost or damaged items dispatched from our distribution center if contacted within 7 days of the package's arrival.


The following list of materials and items which contain them are restricted and prohibited from overseas shipment by JApanese customs. We can place orders for members who wish to purchase these items to be sent to a Japanese address. For domestic shipments, please indicate a Japanese address when instructing your shipment. For international shipments, please refrain from placing orders for these items. We do not check with import and export regulations of any country when ordering items. Please confirm the provisions of your own country concerning prohibited items before placing an order. We are not liable for any damages or losses incurred, and do not offer refunds or cancellations for orders containing these items.

Our site may display an alert and disable bidding/ordering functions for items that are classified as restricted or prohibited from international shipping by our site.
Items classified as prohibited can still be purchased with our Buyer Protection Plan, but will be changed to our Basic Forwarding Plan if international shipping is not possible.
Our site is not guaranteed to alert you regarding all prohibited items. Please check the provisions of your own country concerning prohibited items before placing an order.
We assume no liability or responsibility for losses if an item prohibited from international shipping was purchased undetected by our alert system as a prohibited item.

In the case that any prohibited or restricted item has been discovered after being shipped, handling fees or costs charged by the shipping company will be the customer's responsibility. In the case that a prohibited item is shipped and are the cause of any incident or damage to other packages/items, compensation will be the member's responsibility.

Items which cannot be shipped or require a disposal of parts before shipping will incur a disposal fee of at least 500 yen for each item or part. To modify or remove items from a shipment after it has already been packed, a 1,500 yen repacking fee will incur. Please contact customer service with any instructions or requests before your items are packed.

  • Adult goods and obscene materials
  • Child Pornography
  • Diamonds (including rough and fabricated diamonds)
  • Counterfeit, altered or fake currency
  • Postage stamps and fiscal stamp
  • Official letter
  • National Treasures
  • Important Cultural Properties
  • Important Works of Art, etc.
  • Pirated CDs/DVDs/Software
  • Products with an undeterminable origin
  • Lottery tickets
  • Money
  • Spray
  • High pressure gas
  • Gas (Gas bombs, cartridges)
  • Gas lighters
  • Portable Oxygen
  • Natural Gas
  • Helium Gas
  • Chlorofluorocarbons
  • Nitrogen / Liquid Nitrogen
  • Small personal oxygen concentrators
  • Oxygen cylinder (Aqualung)
  • Aerosol Spray Cans (Hairspray, fragrance spray, lacquer spray, Air Salonpas, etc.)
  • Enriched Oxygen
  • Gas Products for Camping (Portable gas stoves, etc.)
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Combustible liquids and materials
  • Table tennis balls
  • Fuel (Gasoline, Oil)
  • Matches
  • Oil Lighters
  • Paint
  • Perfume
  • Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover
  • Flammable Items, Items containing a flammable warning (sunscreen, shampoo, adhesives).
  • Adhesives (Glues or other adhesives included with figures, toys, eyelash sets, etc. will incur a disposal fee)
  • Alcohol
  • Paint thinner
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Cooking Oil
  • Organisms (live animals, insects, plants and vegetation)
  • Items with soil
  • Plants, Bonsai, Decorative Plants etc.
  • Livestock Feed
  • In accordance with CITES fauna and flora regulations: elephant trunks, tortoise shells, animal furs, alligator skin, snakeskin, lizard skin, etc.
  • Plant seeds
  • Insect Specimen Samples
  • Taxidermied Animals
  • Air Gun
  • Fake Sword
  • Battery
  • Battery chargers
  • Lead-acid/Lead Storage Batteries
  • Nickel hydride (NiMH) Batteries
  • Lithium-metal batteries (Limited to certain countries)
  • Lithium-ion batteries (Limited to certain countries)
  • Products with aforementioned built-in batteries (Limited to certain countries)
  • Magnets
  • Electric generators/Engines
  • Gunpowder/Pyrotechnic (fireworks, crackers, ammunition, etc)
  • Suspension/Shock absorber
  • Items that have fuel or oil inside, or that might be able to contain it (including both used and new items).
  • Containers, cans, gasoline tanks, carburetors for containing oil or fuel (including both new and used products)
  • Airbags (for vehicles)
  • Steering wheels containing airbags
  • Air Conditioners
  • Seatbelt Pretensioners
  • Harmful drugs
  • Psychopharmaceuticals
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Anesthesia and related drugs
  • Poison, toxic and/or hazardous substances
  • Pesticides
  • Tobacco/Cigarette
  • Insect repellent
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Organic Solvents
  • Corrosive substances
  • Mercury
  • Chloroform
  • Bleach
  • Peroxides, Oxidizing agents
  • Charcoal
  • Dry ice
  • Asbestos
  • Uranium
  • Plutonium
  • Thorium
  • Nuclear waste
  • Radioactive substances
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Barium carbonate
  • Formalin / Formaldehyde
  • Printer Toner Cartridges
  • Ink, Ink Cartridges (In the case documentation is required, we may not be able to provide certain documents to ship ink abroad)
  • Other banned items (before ordering please check regarding these)

Article 9:(Prohibitions)

The following actions, or any activity that may cause them, are strictly prohibited for all members when using our service.

1. Purchasing items which are prohibited from purchase by our terms and conditions.
2. Colluding with a seller or store to commit fraud.
3. Using our service for unlawful purposes.
4. Violating our terms and conditions or public order and morality
5. Violating the rights of or defaming FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd., a seller, or any third partie(s).
6. Directly contacting the seller with inquiries, negotiation offers, claims, and requests for refund, exchange, or repair.
7. Requesting a chargeback or refund directly from your credit card company or payment agency after placing an order.
8. Violating the law, or any action that may be regarded as illegal.
9. Violating Japanese law, law in your country/region of residence, or international law.
10. Purchasing items requiring identification to be valid without preparing the necessary identification.
11, Purchasing goods for the purpose of military use.
12. Intentionally interfering with the our business operation and service, or the seller's/store's site.
13. Making unreasonable demands beyond our responsibility or legal liability as defined on our terms and conditions.
14. Harassing the seller, other members of our service, and other third parties to cause trouble.
15. Intentionally reporting false information
16. Sending or writing harmful programs or emails
17. Illegaly entering our site server or computers.
18. Other activity corresponding to actions we define as prohibited.

Additionally, members are prohibited from performing any of actions listed above through a third party.

Please note that we assume no responsibility or liability for any damages caused by these actions.

Article 10:(About cookies, etc.)

We need to collect cookies to authenticate users of this website as members, investigate members’ access and usage records, provide better service to members we need to collect the following: information about IP addresses where users access our server, the cell phone IDs of the members who use a cell phone for access, as well as the online record of members collected by using cookies.

Article 11:(Handling of personal information)


FROM JAPAN may use your personal information for the following purposes as defined in our Privacy Policy:
(1) Management of user and order information
(2) Product sales, charging of various fees
(3) Shipment of orders
(4) Notifications regarding sale campaigns, new product information, and important site operation news
(5) Mail Magazine distribution
(6) Conducting surveys
(7) Point and coupon rewards
(8) Contacting users for confirmation and answering inquiries
(9) Statistical survey or data analysis
(10) Sharing beneficial information to users regarding product development and other service improvements for marketing analysis purposes, various sale campaigns and new product notifications through partner companies.
Sharing method: through sending documents or electronic/electromagnetic methods to third parties
(However, the sharing of personal information with third party companies can be stopped by the request of the user)
(11) Other purposes conforming to or closely related to the above listed purposes


FROM JAPAN, excluding situations when required by law, will not disclose or share individual personal information to third parties that do not have purpose of use indicated without your consent. However, in the following situations, we may share various information as defined in the previous section as personal information by sending documents or through electronic/electromagnetic methods to third parties.
(1) In the case that disclosure of payment information to related parties is necessary
(2) In the case when it is necessary for the shipment of products, etc. or procedures for packages to pass customs.
(3) Disclosure of user and sales information for the purpose of improving our service to third party partner companies.
(4) In the case that our business or part of our service is entrusted to a third party.
(5) Disclosure of information in the case of a company merger, transfer of business, or other reasons for a succession of business to the inheriting party.
(6) When required to in accordance with personal information protection laws, or other laws.


Users can request for exemption from having their personal information shared by FROM JAPAN for any of the reasons listed in the previous section (excluding (6)).

Article 12:(Service use)

You must acknowledge these Terms and Conditions before use of the service.

Article 13:(Our Products and Services)


Members are required to pay for the product price, domestic shipping, international shipping, plan fee, payment fee, and other fees (in incurred), including customs duties and expenses when using our service.

When using our service, members can select one of the following 2 plans.

Buyer Protection Plan
- Items will be fully insured against seller fraud, item non-delivery or missing parts, and loss or damage incurred during domestic delivery.
- Items will be inspected once arriving at our distribution center to confirm that there are no differences from the product description and/or photos.
- However, confirmation of item functionality, brand authenticity, subtle flaws, or anything else requiring special knowledge is not included with this inspection.
- Items will be shipped after being packed securely to prevent damage during international shipment.
- Compensation or exchanges will be provided for orders that arrive broken, damaged, or missing items/parts only if contacted within 7 days of item arrival.
*As a general rule, compensation will be made in FJ Points.

Basic Forwarding Plan
- No compensation will be provided for any orders regardless of the reason, unless caused by our own negligence or error.
- Items will be forwarded as is in the condition they arrive at our distribution center.
- However, as a matter of convenience for item management purposes. there may be cases where the box used by the seller is discarded when arriving at our distribution center.
- For items that cannot be forwarded in the state they arrive in for international shipment, additional packing costs will be incurred.
- No refunds or exchanges will be provided after item arrival, regardless of reason.

Cancelling Orders
Orders cannot be canceled once they have been purchased. Please confirm the contents and condition of items before placing your order.
However, for purchases that have met our review standards, in the case that the seller also agrees to offer a refund we may be able to provide an order cancellation.

Cancellation requests for orders which have already been shipped by the seller are not accepted. In the case that a cancellation is possible, the following costs will be charged.
1. 30% of the item price at a minimum of 2,000 yen as a negotiation fee between us and the seller.
2. Other fees that incur during the transaction will also be charged.
*For both auctions and shopping orders, any losses that we incur from fees due to an order cancellation will be charged to the member accordingly.


We cannot guarantee that you will win a particular auction. Please bid as high as you can to have the highest chance of success.


We reserve the right to interpret the use of the points awarded by stores or at auction, which are earned on purchases made through our website.


Some items featured on Yahoo!R JAPAN AUCTIONS are not in fact for sale. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


We provide information about translation websites for the convenience of customers. We do not, however, guarantee the accuracy of translations and cannot be held responsible for loss incurred as a result of inaccurate translations.

Article 14:(Service interruption and suspension)

In order to provide a high level of service to customers, we may discontinue or amend all or part of the service without prior notice when we are performing periodical maintenance, when the system is overloaded, when we think there are some problems in the service operation, when it is necessary to ensure the privacy of members, or when it is otherwise necessary. We are not liable for losses incurred by members under such circumstances.

Article 15:(Suspension of use for specific members and member disqualification)


We retain the right to suspend your membership or change your user ID and password, as well as disqualify you without any prior notice if any of the following apply. We are not liable for any loss incurred following suspension.
Violation the laws and regulations of these Terms and Conditions;
Illegal conduct when using this service;
When your password has been typed incorrectly a certain number of times (for your personal protection);
Other cases when we consider it necessary.
In addition, we have the right to change your user ID and password or disqualify you if you have not accessed the site the required number of times within a specified period of time.


As per FROM JAPAN rules, Members are only eligible for one account per person. If we perceive a member to be operating more than 1 account, we reserve the right to cancel their membership without prior notice and to change a members user ID and Password. FROM JAPAN cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from this action.

Article 16:(Service modification and discontinuance)

We reserve the right to amend or discontinue all or part of the service on this website.

Article 17:(Article modification)

We have the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at will. In addition, we can add complementary terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “complements”). Amendments to these Terms and Conditions and complements shall take effect as indicated on the website. Members must abide by the new Terms and Conditions thereupon.

Article 18:(Others)

Any loss caused by anything not specified in these Terms and Conditions should be settled through consultation of both parties in good faith.

Article 19:(Additional terms)2007.3.4

We will charge you twice (Charge 1 and Charge 2) for each transaction. If we cannot receive your payment within our policy period we will deduct from your deposit.

Article 20:(Additional terms) 2007.10.5

We are not responsible in the event that a store or seller mistakenly delivers the wrong item to us during the transaction.
However, orders covered by our "Buyer Protection Plan" will be fully insured.

FROMJAPAN Points Terms and Conditions of Use (For FROMJAPAN Members)

Article 1:(Objective)


These terms and conditions, defined by FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "we") stipulate the rules of our FROM JAPAN Point (hereinafter, "Point") service offered to registered members (hereinafter, "member) who have agreed to the FROM JAPAN site terms and conditions (hereinafter "membership terms and conditions").


Particulars regarding the Service not stipulated herein shall be governed by the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Article 2:(Award of Points)


We will reward FJ points to members for the following cases.
(1) Introducing a friend to our service through our friend referral program
(2) Participating in a member survey
(3) Purchasing items via direct bank transfer
(4) Any other case that we deem appropriate


Points have a predetermined validity period


We will make the final decision for anything pertaining to allocation of FJ Points, amount of points allocated, reward method, timing, and validity period.


All final decisions regarding the award of Points, including whether Points are awarded for a particular transaction, and the number of Points awarded shall be made by FROM JAPAN. Members shall abide by all such decisions.

Article 3:(Administration of Points)


FROM JAPAN shall notify Members, by a method of its designation, the number of Points they have been awarded, the number they have used and their remaining balance of Points.


Members shall notify FROM JAPAN immediately if they dispute any of the totals in the preceding clause herein and provide an explanation for the reason.


All final decisions regarding Points totals in clause 1 herein shall be made by FROM JAPAN and all Members shall abide by such decisions.

Article 4:(FJ Points are limited for use within one account only)

FJ Points cannot be transferred to, or lent to another member.
In addition, points cannot be combined with other accounts.

Article 5:(Cancellation or Annulment of Points)


After Points have been granted or rewarded, Points can still be canceled or annulled in the following cases:
(1) The member has committed a fraudulent or illegal act
(2) The member has violated the membership terms and conditions or our defined terms and conditions.
(3) Any case that we deem appropriate


After a certain period has passed (1 year) since your last transaction, if no new transactions have taken place, your FJ Points will be automatically deleted.


We will not provide compensation for the revocation or deletion of points.

Article 6:(Use of Points for Payment)


Members can use points to complete a whole or partial payment of Charge 1 (item price) or Charge 2 (domestic shipping, plan fee, other fees if incurred, payment fee, international shipping, additional service fees if incurred). We will decide the exchange rate for Points.


FROM JAPAN reserves the right to restrict the scope of services indicated in the previous clause that Points may be used to pay for.


In the event that any transaction (as stated in clause 1 of this article) paid for with Points is canceled, the member will be refunded the corresponding amount of Points. Under no circumstances will payments made in points be refunded in cash.


In the event that a price change occurs after a payment made with points, the difference will be refunded to the member in points as stated in the previous clause.

Article 7:(Accidents)

We will not take responsibility nor refund Points in the event that items paid for with Points are delayed, lost, or stolen during transit. Additionally, if items are found to be damaged, or have missing or broken parts upon arrival, unless proven to be directly caused by our negligence, no Point refund will be provided.
However, for orders which are covered by our "Buyer Protection Plan", in the event that items are damaged or lost during transit, if reported within 7 days of the package arrival, we can provide full compensation for any damages, missing items/parts, or broken items.

Article 8:(Cancellation of Points After Use)

In accordance to Article 5, section 1, in the case that points which have been appropriated for payment are revoked, the respective transaction will be canceled or stopped.
However, if the transaction has already been completed or cannot be canceled, the member shall pay FROM JAPAN immediately for the amount equivalent to the value of the canceled points.
Please note that any fees incurred during the payment will be the member's responsibility.

Article 9:(Cash Redemption)

Under no circumstances may a Member redeem Points for cash.

Article 10:(Use by Third Parties)


Points shall be used only by Members themselves and not by any third party.


The user shall be deemed to be the Member with the corresponding user ID and password if when Points are used, FROM JAPAN confirms by a method it stipulates that both match with those registered. FROM JAPAN shall neither refund Points used nor take responsibility for damage sustained to the Member even in cases of fraudulent use by a third party.

Article 11:(Taxes and Expenses)


The Member is responsible for payment of all taxes and incidental expenses arising from the acquisition or use of Points.


All the consumption tax occurred when you use our service won't be refunded.

Article 12:(Loss and Suspension of Membership Status)

Upon loss of Membership status, Members shall forfeit all Points held, conversion privileges and all other rights associated with use of the Service. Members shall not be eligible to submit any claim whatsoever to FROM JAPAN from loss of Membership status.

Article 13:(Disclaimer)

FROM JAPAN shall take the utmost care in the operation of the Service in light of the current level of technology. However, it does not guarantee the absence of problems. FROM JAPAN shall not take responsibility for damage resulting from system interruption, delay, discontinuation or data loss arising from communication link or computer problems; damage resulting from fraudulent access to data or other damage sustained to Members in connection with the Service.

Article 14:(Changes to the Service)


FROM JAPAN may, without prior notification to Members, amend these Terms and Conditions and the details and conditions of the Service (including but not limited to discontinuation of Points, suspension of the provision of Points, changes in the scope of Web sites and transactions for which Points are awarded and amendments to the rate at which Points are awarded or used) or discontinue or suspend the Service completely. Members shall acknowledge that FROM JAPAN possesses such rights.


FROM JAPAN shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for inconvenience or damage to Members resulting from amendments outlined in the preceding clause herein.

The period stipulated by FROM JAPAN in Article 5, Clause 3 hereof shall be one year.
Please feel free to e-mail us at info@fromjapan.co.jp if you have any questions about the Points Service.