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FROM JAPAN Auction & Shopping Proxy Service

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Purchasing Plans

You can select one of the following plans for your order/auction to insure your purchase.
You cannot change your plan after your order/bid has been placed.
Please confirm the details for each plan before making your selection.

Buyer Protection Plan

Plan fee: 700 yen/order

This original insurance plan includes the 3 services listed below.
In the case that any problems arise with your item, we will fully refund, return, or exchange your item.
We'll make sure your orders get to you safely from start to finish.

  • Domestic Shipping Insurance
    Your order will be fully insured for damage or non delivery. Guaranteed safe arrival at our warehouse or your money back!
  • Check Service
    We'll check that the correct item has been delivered to us, and that there is no significant damage to your item.
  • International Shipping Insurance
    Your package will be fully insured for damage or non delivery. Additionally, our warehouse staff will take extra care in packing your items for a safe international shipment.
  • For shopping sites, an "order" refers to any number of items purchased together from the same store. For all auction sites, including Yahoo! Auctions, an "order" refers to a single auction.
  • Orders covered by our Buyer Protection Plan will be shipped domestically using an insured shipping method whenever possible.
  • Our check service is a basic confirmation that there are no significant differences between the item delivered to us, and the item as described and pictured on the store or seller's product page.
    Checking for subtle flaws or damage, an item's functionality, authenticity, or anything else that requires specialist knowledge is not included in this service.
    Our check service generally takes about 5 minutes.
    Please contact Customer Service for more information if you believe the item you would like to purchase will require significantly more time to check.
  • There may be cases where we will need to open your item to confirm the condition of the contents.
  • If your package arrives with damaged or missing items, please contact Customer Service within 7 days of the package's arrival. For more information on applying for compensation, please click here.
  • Items that are determined to be prohibited from international shipping cannot be covered by our Buyer Protection Plan.
    If the prohibited item is combined for shipping with other orders, it will be separated and covered by our Basic Forwarding Plan.
  • Items requiring specialized packing cannot be covered by our Buyer Protection Plan.
  • Items being sold by Yahoo! Auction sellers that do not meet our company standard (100 feedback ratings, 90% positive) cannot be covered by our Buyer Protection Plan.
  • If a lowered value is declared for your package, compensation can only be provided up to the amount labeled on your package.
  • In the case that a portion of items are damaged or broken in a package, refund of the domestic shipping, payment fee, international shipping costs, and item price will only be for the items applicable for compensation.
  • As a general rule, compensation will be made in FJ Points.
  • We are not liable for any taxes or fees incurred at customs in your country.
  • Small Packet shipping options are not available for items purchased under our Buyer Protection Plan.
  • Items listed as "junk" by the seller will not be eligible for our Buyer Protection Plan.
    In the case that an item listed or described as "junk" is purchased using our Buyer Protection Plan, we may change it to our Basic Forwarding Plan after it arrives at our warehouse.

Basic Forwarding Plan

Plan fee: 300 yen/order

Items purchased using this plan will generally be forwarded as is, in the condition that they arrive at our distribution center.
If an order is damaged, doesn't arrive, or arrives with missing parts, we are not liable for any compensation.

  • For shopping sites, an "order" refers to any number of items purchased together from the same store. For all auction sites, including Yahoo! Auctions, an "order" refers to a single auction.
  • For storage purposes, the seller's package for your item(s) may be disposed of upon arrival.
  • No investigations, refunds, exchanges, or refunds will be provided for items lost during transit.

Prohibited Item Alert System (Beta)

If our system detects that an item is classified as prohibited from international shipping, an alert message will notify you before you can purchase it.
In addition to items that may be prohibited from international shipping, you will also be notified if an item may require specialized packing. Bidding and ordering will be unavailable for items classified as prohibited from international shipping.
If you believe an item was classified as prohibited incorrectly, or wish to ship an item to a Japanese address, please contact us to order it.
After confirming your message, we will get back to you within 1 business day.

See here for our list of items prohibited from international shipping.

  • Our Prohibited Item Alert system is a support function.
    Please confirm details regarding items prohibited from importation in your own country.
  • This system does not guarantee absolute protection against prohibited items, and may not display for all prohibited items. FROM JAPAN is not liable for any losses if an item cannot be shipped internationally. Thank you for your understanding.