Important notice before filling in the shipping instructions

Important notice before filling in the shipping instructions

We can store your items for free up to 30 days. Please kindly make sure to fill in the shipping instructions within this period.

You can cancel your shipping instructions before all the items included arrive

You can book a shipment in advance. Once all your items arrive at our warehouse, your shipment shall be established and we shall start packing your items according to your instructions.

  • Once all the items you instructed arrive at our warehouse, the shipment shall be established and you cannot cancel the instructions.
  • Regardless of the kind of shipment, any change in the shipping instructions shall incur a 2,000 yen additional fee.

Items arriving in the same package cannot be separated

For items that have arrived from the same seller/store in the same package, it is not possible to split these items into different shipments.

  • If you instruct only one part of these items in one shipment, it shall be automatically cancelled and new shipping instructions shall be necessary.

Once an item arrives, a shipment will be instructed within 30 days

We can store your items for free up to 30 days. Items which have not been instructed for shipment, or arrived items which have been instructed for shipment with items which have not yet arrived within the 30 day storage period will be processed in the following methods:

  • If your item is in an instructed shipment with item(s) which have not yet arrived:
    We shall remove the non-arrived items from this shipment and pack the arrived items.
  • If your arrived item has not been instructed for a shipment:
    Arrived items which have not been instructed for shipment will be automatically placed into an automatic shipping group.
  • (For users who would like their items to be stored for more than 30 days, we can extend your storage period for 100 yen per day per item. Please kindly contact our customer service in advance.)
Automatic Shipment:
Items stored for more than 30 days without shipping instructions shall be automatically put together into a shipment with all your other non-instructed items in the warehouse, and instructed using your account shipping address. The packing of an “automatic shipment” has no priority, so the Charge 2 form might not sent within 2 business days. We appreciate your care regarding this.

Important notice concerning the Charge 2 form

Once we receive your completed shipping instructions, we shall pack your items and send you the Charge 2 form within 2 business days. Please kindly note that the Charge 2 must be paid within 3 days.

The Charge 2 payment period is 3 days. Please complete it within this period

  • From the 4th day after the submission of the Charge 2, each item shall be automatically charged 100 yen per day as payment extension fee

  • An additional fee may be charged for oversize items.
  • If we do not receive your Charge 2 payment within 30 days of sending it to you, we shall automatically withdraw the payment from your credit card, FJ points account or deposit. If we are unable to make this withdrawal, then we shall dispose of you items without further notice, refund or compensation.