Commissions and Schedule Fees for Bidding and Shopping Services

Final Bidding price or Retail price (in the case of shopping service)
Using our standard split charge method, this is what to expect when using the Bidding & Shopping services:

Charge1 (A+B+C)

A. Wining Price / Purchase Price
B. Commission
200 Yen

Yahoo Auction

  • 800 Yen limit for multiple items won from the same seller on the same day.
  • This only applies to items from the same store/domain and items that are paid for in the same charge 1 from.

“One Day” is based on the hours 03:00am until 02:59am JST the next day.

Shopping Website

  • Multiple pieces of the same item will only have the charge applied once.
  • 800 Yen limit for items from same Store/Domain.
C. System Usage Fee
5% (Not applicable for FJ Point payments)

Charge2 (A+B+C+D+E) At Cost Price!

A. Domestic delivery
Around 450 〜 1,000 YEN (Excluding oversize items)
B. Bank transfer fee
Around 0 ~ 298 YEN (Excluding special items)
C. Additional fees if applicable
( If applicable )
D. Overseas Shipping
At cost price or discount based on rank
E. System Usage Fee
5% (Not applicable for FJ Point payments)

The following fees may apply when using the Bidding & Shopping Services:

  • For items which require an irregular order method, an additional fee may be charged.
  • There will be a 5% processing fee applied to your total purchase when using a Credit card or Paypal as a payment form. If you want to save this 5% charge, you can buy FJ points by international bank transfer and make payment by FJ points. There won’t be the 5% system usage fee for your FJ points payment. But please note that you need to bear the bank commission fee.
  • Domestic Shipping Fees:
    We shall charge the actual shipping price. If the seller charges 500 Yen for shipping from the seller to our warehouse, we shall charge you the same 500 Yen. If the seller sends the item for free, we shall not charge for domestic shipping.
    Domestic Payment Transfer Fees:
    For payments to sellers, we prioritize payments via bank transfer and cash on delivery.
    Bank transfer fees can differ depending on the bank. However, generally the bank transfer fee is at most 270 Yen.
    For cash on delivery payments, this can differ depending on the seller and delivery company.
    * If the only available payment method is credit card, then we shall charge the same fees as for bank transfer payments.
    * If the only payment method available is for payment at the Convenience store or post office, we shall charge a 1000 Yen fee to go and make this payment.
  • FROM JAPAN® commissions, Domestic delivery fees, Bank transfer fees and overseas S/H are not included on the final winning price and may be required before the final delivery of your item.
  • A note to the members who wish to purchase "OVERSIZE ITEMS" such as car parts (doors, hoods, body kits, etc):
    Depending on the size, shape, quantity, etc of the item you purchased, storage fee or additional fee may be applied.
    For any big items such as door, hood, windshield or for big quantities of items, please kindly contact us before your purchase.
    ・For wheels which arrive at our warehouse with the tires attached, we would only be able to send via FedEx.
    ・Oversize items may usually only be shipped by FedEx. Depending on the country, the shipping fee may reach a high amount, as such we suggest you to check the shipping fee before your purchase. (Shipping fee Calculator)
  • Some auctions provide free shipping or cheap shipping method, but most of them cannot be insured and tracked. In such a case, we will choose the one that can be insured and tracked.

Commissions and Schedule Fees for Personal Shopping Services

Can’t find what you are looking for online? The item needs to be purchased from the actual store? The item can only be brought at a particular event? Is the item only available as an in-store purchase only item no need to worry, FROMJAPAN will go out and buy it for you?
Besides our Bidding and Shopping services, our members have always enjoyed our Personal shopping services, when the item they desire is not found online just let us know what you needs are and we will find it for you, enjoy the personal service as many of our members already do. We will travel far and wide to get it for you and the best thing is that the same procedures apply to this service as our Shopping services with the addition of Manufacture Warranties /Service if necessary, and in some cases we may be able to negotiate a better price for you! FROM JAPAN® is here to full fill all your shopping needs in Japan give it a try today! or contact us for more details.

The following fees may apply when using the Personal shopping service:

  • Personal shopping fee 5,000yen (per person)
  • Transportation (Subway, Bus, Train, etc. We will use the cheapest form of transportation)
  • Overseas S/H (shipping and handling)
  • Credit card/Paypal processing fee (charged to us by your bank)
  • Other fees that are not listed in the chart below might be applicable. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

This is a sample using our standard split charge method. For this sample we use a physical store located in Shinjuku (a city in Japan) and a special limited edition bag from BURBERRY® available only in JAPAN in-store purchase;

Member Ranking System

From 2012/11/16 the following ranks based on customers order value shall be awarded:

Your rank shall be updated twice every month on the 1st and the 16th! These shall be based on orders dispatched over a year during a set period. An example of the period with which you rank is based on is as follows:

  • 2012/12/01 Rank Update: Data range shall be for orders dispatched between 2011/10/16 and 2012/10/15
  • 2012/12/16 Rank Update: Data range shall be for orders dispatched between 2011/11/01 and 2012/10/31
  • 2013/01/01 Rank Update: Data range shall be for orders dispatched between 2011/11/16 and 2012/11/15
  • ※ We shall inform you in advance via email of your rank update.
  • ※ The current Rank period is based on items dispatched between 2015/09/01 and 2016/08/31