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The Connection Between Dash! Yonkuro and Tamiya 4WD Revealed!

If you are into anime series and car racing tournaments, then do not dare to miss Dash! Yonkuro. It is an anime television series that was based on the Tamiya Mini 4WD. For those who do not know about Dash! Yonkuro and what the Tamiya Mini 4WD is, this article will help you to understand about both.

tamiya dash emperor

What Is the Tamiya Mini 4WD?

The Tamiya Mini 4WD is a miniature car produced by Tamiya, a Japanese company. It is the world’s most popular miniature car, first produced in the year 1982. Due to its popularity, many companies in the United States, Singapore and Russia, to name a few, have ventured into the idea of mini cars as well. There are different types of Tamiya Mini 4WD available in the market.

Though there are only six categories of the Tamiya Mini 4WD, it does not mean that there are only six designs of the miniature car. Each category is a series, which has a wide variety of designs that you can choose from. The pictures shown below are the selected models of each Tamiya series.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro

Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro Series – Nitro Thunder Blue Model

Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro Series – Nitro Thunder Blue Model

Tamiya Super Mini 4WD

Tamiya Super Mini 4WD Series – Tom Ghody Special Model

Tamiya Super Mini 4WD Series – Tom Ghody Special Model

Tamiya Aero Mini 4WD

Tamiya Aero Mini 4WD Series – Knuckle Breaker Model

Tamiya Aero Mini 4WD Series – Knuckle Breaker Model

Tamiya Mighty Mini 4WD

Tamiya Mighty Mini 4WD Series – Variatron Model

Tamiya Mighty Mini 4WD Series – Variatron Model

Tamiya Mechanical Mini 4WD

Tamiya Mechanical Mini 4WD Series – Vise Intruder Model

Tamiya Mechanical Mini 4WD Series – Vise Intruder Model

Tamiya Mini 4WD Limited Edition

Tamiya Mini 4WD Limited Edition – Year of the Rat Model

Tamiya Mini 4WD Limited Edition – Year of the Rat Model

What Is Dash! Yonkuro?

Dash! Yonkuro is the very first anime series that was based on the Tamiya Mini 4WD. There was in fact a sequel to Dash! Yonkuro that was based on the Tamiya Mini 4WD called Bakusou Kyoudai Lets & Go!!

dash! yonkuro

In Dash! Yonkuro, Yonkuro Hinomaru, the protagonist, and the Dash Warriors, Yonkuro’s friends, are all crazy about the Mini 4WD.  It is all about climbing to the top and participating in the championship with the top performance of their Tamiya Mini 4WD.

Some of the Tamiya Mini 4WD models that you can see in the anime series are:

  1. Dash-1 Emperor (model number 18012)
  2. Dash-2 Burning Sun (model number 18015)
  3. Dash-3 Shooting Star (model number 18019)
  4. Dash-4 Cannonball (model number 18023)
  5. Rising Bird (model number 18017)

Aside from these miniature car models, tune-up parts and first chassis were also featured in this anime. The chassis that were introduced in the Dash! Yonkuro anime series are the Type-1 chassis, Type-2 chassis and Type-3 chassis. Without a doubt, this anime has definitely served its purpose.

dash yonkuro models

The Growth of Tamiya Mini 4WD Sales After the Anime

It cannot be denied that the Tamiya Mini 4WD was already very popular, even before the release of the two anime series. Nonetheless, the two anime series featuring the miniature cars, certainly gave sales an extra boost.

The popularity of the miniature cars led to the boom of racing tournaments. However, racing nowadays is no longer about driving a car. It has now become about, tuning up your Tamiya Mini 4WD and letting it race on its own at a certain track. Tamiya Mini 4WD races do not rely on the skills of the driver, instead, it relies on the parts of your miniature car.

If you are looking for a specific Tamiya Mini 4WD model, be sure to check out From Japan!

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The History and Success of the Tamiya Mini 4WD

The Tamiya Mini 4WD has been one of the most popular creations since the day it was produced by Tamiya, a Japanese company, in the early 1980s. Tamiya manufactures radio-controlled cars, plastic model kits, sailboat models, solar- and battery-education models and other modeling supplies and tools. The Tamiya Mini 4WD is a miniature car model that has become popular not just for young kids, but for adults as well. This article will unveil the successful history of Tamiya Mini 4WD.

tamiya mini 4wd

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A Beginners Guide to Japanese Fashion Subcultures for Girls Part 2

Note: Japanese subcultures can be considered vintage, since many of them are inspired by the past. They have distinguishing features from the 1960's all the way up to the 1990's. The American Art Culture plays a big part in Japanese subculture fashion till this day.

  • Yamanba-kei. Considered the rarest amongst Japanese fashion subcultures. This look requires the wearer to apply heavy dark brown makeup to the face, which has also already been tanned along with the entire body. The wearer must then apply white makeup around the eyes and long lashes; some Yamanba actually paint theirs on. The hair is big bright and colorful with large flowers or bows. As for lipstick, any color will do, as long as it's neon and bold. The overall outfits have to be bright and the shoes are usually boots or platforms. Accessories are also bright and layered on heavily. There are men who dress in this style too.yamamba
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A Beginners Guide to Japanese Fashion Subcultures for Girls Part 1

The fashion industry is fast pace and ultra-creative. Every fashionista knows their fashion capitols: New York, Paris, Milan, Miami, and of course Japan! The fashion in Japan is out of this world. They have everything. Japanese fashion subcultures have been revered and copied ever since the 1980’s. This listing should give you an over view of the latest and most up to date of all the Japanese fashion trends.

  • DECORA-kei. This trend was spawned by the magazine FRUiTS and made popular by their first cover girl Aki Kobayashi. Dressing Decora style means wearing lots of plastic barrettes, plastic toys both handmade and bought, and comfortable shoes preferable in neon pink. Neon Pink seems to be the dominant color, and dressing with layers of frilly white fabric combined with decorative cute accents (hence the name Decora) is the go to styling method for this trend. Cutesy purses in the form of animal plushies is also recommended. Currently decorative pin on buttons with cartoon characters are popular with this trend as well.decora kei
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An Introduction to Popular Japanese Online Fashion Stores

Online shopping malls used to be considered as a novelty until recently it became a staple part of anyone’s shopping experience. The key benefits of online shopping include better prices, convenience, a discreet and safer shopping experience, and offers a wider variety of products. This is why various consumer analysts were not surprised that the Japanese consumers suddenly behaved like their western counterparts in Europe and America. Online shopping paved its way to the Japanese consumers who are known and celebrated for their willingness to pay any amount in exchange of quality products with style and convenience.

mens knuckle

Online fashion stores and malls became rampant and handy for most of Japanese fashionistas during the early part of the 21st century. Wider selection enticed the Japanese market to finally engross and adapt online shopping as part of their life. Almost all types of styles are catered by leading and underground online shopping stores, which hold internet purchasing more pleasing and convenient in Japan.

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Contrasts and Similarities between Western and Japanese Fashion Movements

When you really think about it, Japan and Western fashion has a lot of similarities. In fact it would be true to say that the two cultures feed off of each other when it comes to inspiration and style, particularly in high fashion and streetwear. Both see what the other is doing and are mutually influenced, shaping the fashion landscape for today’s modern time.

japanese street style

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A Beginners Guide to Japanese Fashion Subcultures for Guys

Hi, Masa! Is it true that everyone in Japan wears Samurai-style kimono?
What? No! No one is wearing Samurai-style kimono these days.
Really!? I thought Japanese people still wear kimono...
Well, there are a few occasions where we still wear traditional kimono and yukata, for example when going to a hanabi festival or on the Coming of Age day. But nowadays you will find in Japan a huge variety of fashion styles, for example Onii-kei, Salon-kei, Kireime-kei, Street-kei etc. By the way, "kei" is Japanese and means "style". Read below to find out more about the different styles for guys.

If Japanese women are considered experimental and bold when it comes to fashion, men are characterized as chic, fabulous, and varied. Most men in Japan do not want to trouble themselves with faint criticism that is why they dress more casually and fearless. From the executive level to teenagers, there is a trace of independence to everyone’s style. Gazing the streets of the big cities, one may find the very varied styles of Japanese men. Business men flood the streets of the cities every day in the usual suit mostly in black but apart from it, there is no definite uniform as to how Japanese men dress up and it is in fact liberating. Japanese men get to express their unique individuality through dressing up and accessorizing, something that is quietly muted to some other places.

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A Bathing Ape: One of the Most Popular Japanese Street Fashion Brands

When it comes to urban hip hop and street style fashion, A Bathing Ape or BAPE is one of the world’s renowned brand people are digging into. A Bathing Ape was founded by Tomoaki Nagao, also known as Nigo, in 1993. Nigo, born in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, a former magazine editor prior to conceptualizing the BAPE urban clothing line, is currently a music producer, DJ and main rapper of Japanese hip hop group called Teriyaki Boyz.

A Bathing Ape

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Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary: More Excitement To Look Forward To

The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary CD Album was just released on January 29 to happy Sailor Moon fans from all over the world. The CD album is being sold for 3,000 Yen or a little less than US$30.

Here is an unboxing video from a dedicated fan:

Along with the CD album come stickers which will be given to lucky buyers. This brings a new spin to the anniversary offering because it is expected that die-hards fans would want the complete sticker collection which is made up of 10 pieces. Unfortunately, the plan of Takeuchi is to distribute a different sticker to pre-selected stores which means you will have to travel to 10 different stores in the hopes of completing the sticker collection. Fortunately for Sailor Moon fans, collecting the 10 stickers will be more of a thrill than a challenge.

Aside from the stickers, another collectible is expected to hit the market in April 2014 just in time for the launch of the new Sailor Moon series. This is the Bandai Tamashii Nations PROPLICA Moon Stick which is rumored to cost around US$90.

These Moon Sticks are incredible innovations because of the added features such as removable crystals and voice chips. PROPLICA is a product line of props replicated from popular series and this Moon Stick that will be sold from April this year is said to be a seriously accurate life size model of what is seen in the TV and manga series. Vendors are expecting the Moon Sticks to go fast as these props are already being called a collectible.

The Moon Stick has 7 LED lights and a display stand aside from the crystal. The voice chip has the voice of the Sailor Moon character acted out by Kotono Mitsuishi, the original voice actor for Usagi Tsukino and Chibi Chibi (Sailor Chibichibi Moon) in Sailor Stars. In a recent interview, Kotono announced that she was chosen to play the same role of Usagi for the upcoming Sailor Moon series.

Here is a commercial where you can see the PROPLICA Moon Stick in action!

It would certainly appear that all stars are aligned this year for Sailor Moon and there will be no more delays whether it is with the new merchandise or the new series. There are already requests that the new Sailor Moon anime series should be rather shown on TV instead of the planned online streaming.

From Japan also offers a vast array of Sailor Moon merchandise. Click the links below to explore some rare Sailor Moon collectibles!

Sailor Moon Trading Cards - セーラームーン カード
Sailor Moon Dolls and Plushies - セーラームーン ぬいぐるみ

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Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary: More Than Just The Music

With the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album just released on January 29, waves of praise and happiness are evident among those lucky enough to have pre-ordered their copies. The CD launch date was timed perfectly for the Chinese New Year which happens on January 31. It features 10 tracks and a bonus track in French. All the artists are famous in Japan and have done a fabulous job in setting the tone for the anniversary album. The artists featured in the CD album are not the original singers of the theme songs but they have done an exemplary job in their covers.

For those who are not as well-versed on the Sailor Moon history, the official anniversary was 2012 and the fans call themselves "moonies". Since 2012, much has been happening with the franchise. This album is just the latest of spectacular milestones launched to celebrate the series.

For example in 2012, DVD Box Sets of the anime were re-released in Japan as well as the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD Box Set. Tons of new Sailor Moon merchandise was also put on the market after international rights were released. Last year, 2013 the Sailor Moon manga was re-released in a 10 volume collection and the Sailor Moon Musical was brought to stage again.

The year 2014 starts off with the much-awaited album most of which are opening and ending tracks or highly significant and popular songs. Also to come out in 2014 is the new Sailor Moon anime which is expected to show starting in July 2014.

This new anime series was supposed to come out last year but to the frustration of the millions of Sailor Moon fans, it kept being rescheduled. In July, the anime will be streaming worldwide, on Niconico Douga, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Directing the new Sailor Moon series is Munehisa Sakai who was responsible for the direction of the Japanese anime series, One Piece. One Piece is the best-selling manga series in Japan with more than 340 million volumes sold.


Sailor Moon Series DirectorMunehisa Sakai

The writer of the new Sailor Moon series will be by Yuji Kobayashi who is also known for his writing work in another TV series called Saint Seiya Omega wherein he wrote 5 of the episodes. Kobayashis work with Sailor Moon is critical because he dictates the flow of the story and from the past Sailor Moon series; he has big footsteps to follow, so to speak.

The theme song will be assigned to Momoiro Clover Z, who are also featured in the 20th Anniversary album.

From Japan also offers a vast array of Sailor Moon merchandise. Click the links below to explore some rare Sailor Moon collectibles!

Sailor Moon Trading Cards - セーラームーン カード
Sailor Moon Dolls and Plushies - セーラームーン ぬいぐるみ

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