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English vs. Japanese Pokemon Cards: What Should You Collect?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the infamous “Pokémon Shock”—when Pikachu used an electric shock attack on a missile in episode 38 of the anime… and simultaneously gave 685 children epileptic seizures.

From banned episodes (James’ infamous bikini contest), to religious accusations of Satanism (the “Pokémon Rap” backwards), Pokémon is no stranger to controversy.censored pokemon cards

Among die-hard collectors, however, no aspect of Pokémon lore has been censored so much as its trading cards. Prepare your Counter Shield before reading any further, because what you find below may be as shocking as Pikachu’s trademark Thunderbolts! Here are the top eight banned Pokémon cards:

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【 Dal – Sailor Chibi Moon 】

The release of the next Pullip collaboration series has finally been decided :
Sailor Chibi Moon x DAL !



Dal is the little sister of Taeyang, the boyfriend of the fashion doll Pullip.
Dal Sailor Chibi Moon doll includes the following features :
- Her eyes can move side to side
- Her body is highly articulated as such very posable.

The release is scheduled in late May 2015.
Retail price : 17,000 yen.

FROM JAPAN's special Sailor Moon site
Sailor Moon × Pullip

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Pokemon Center “Nendoroid” Cynthia !!

Cynthia has been made into a "Nendoroid", and will be for sale as Pokemon Center official goods!


Introducing Cynthia, the first female champion in the Pokemon series, who has been made into the incredibly popular deformed figure series, "Nendoroid"!

She will be sold as Pokemon Center official goods!

Right now they are in production! From Saturday, March 7th, pre-orders began!

So, what is a "Nendoroid"?
It's a deformed figure series where anime and game characters, or possibly even living people, are made into figures that are about 10cm tall with a head that is approximately 2.5 times the size of the body.

The arms and legs are poseable, it comes with interchangeable face parts with different expressions, as well as props that the figure can hold. It isn't a figure that you simply look at; it's a type of figure that can be held and played with.


Including shipping and commission, the cost to purchase this item is...
8353 yen / 68.80 USD!
(In the case of shipping to the USA with insurance via EMS)
*Note: the cost may be different depending on where you live, what shipping method you choose, etc.

We expect this item to sell out very quickly.
Don't miss out on this chance to buy this popular item!

pokemon goods

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High-Tech Japanese Toilets are TERRIBLE!

Did we say terrible? We meant TERRIBLY AWESOME!

11 Reasons Why Japanese Toilets Are Terribly Awesome

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 2.22.17 PM

Perhaps you’ve heard of them–these majestic plastic thrones with the latest in rear-end pampering technology. To the Western eye they are a fabled bathroom wonder only available to Hollywood’s super rich, but in Japan these “washlet” toilets are accessible to all, from train stations to shopping malls to private commodes, with 72% of Japanese households now performing their daily duty atop these electronic bidet toilets.


Konami Kojima’s latest production, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, brings an avalanche of preorders!

Director Kojima's masterpiece, "Metal Gear Solid"is a game that instantly sucks you in with its overwhelmingly cinematic production the first time you play it.
With this game system having been created full of many famous scenes and dialogues, it isn't surprising that there are tons of players so engrossed in it that they lose track of night and day.

At long last, the release date of the latest work in the MGS series, "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain", will be on September 2nd.
Konami Style's advance pre-order, which began a few days ago, had a tremendous flood of pre-orders for the "Premium Package", which includes a realistically sized bionic arm model, field map, art book, and other exclusive items.

The "bionic arm" is a realistic reproduction of Snake's red artificial left arm.
The arm's ABS resin, metal parts, die cast, and hex screws make it look like it's real, and with each and every flaw being replicated thoroughly as the finishing touch, even people who aren't fans of the MGS series will want to pick up and hold this magnificent creation.

The "Special Edition", which includes an art book, field map, and deluxe case, as well as "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Original Design PlayStation4", among other items, are also available for pre-order through Konami Style.

Alongside the game's quality, the greatness of Kojima Production's MSG5 is shown even in their limited edition items.
If you're a MGS fan you will want to take advantage of this opportunity and definitely pre-order!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
By Konami Digital Entertainment, on sale Wednesday, September 16th 2015

FROM JAPAN's special site here

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Tokyo Station Pokemon Store limited item! From the Pokemon Center (March 14, 2015)

From the Pokemon Center (March 14, 2015)

Tokyo Station Pokemon Store limited item! Introducing the new Pikachu plush toy and the Pikachu mascot keychain, wearing a Tokyo Station train staff uniform!

On Saturday, March 21, a plush toy and a mascot keychain of Pikachu wearing a Tokyo Station train staff uniform will make its debut at the Tokyo Station Pokemon Store! The Tokyo Station Pokemon Store is the only store where you can obtain this limited item, so don't miss out! Don't you just want to catch both the plush toy and the mascot keychain?


Sale date
Saturday, March 21

Item information

*Plush toy Station Master Pikachu (Tokyo Station Pokemon Store, Tokyo uniform version) 1600 yen

*Mascot keychain Station Master Pikachu (Tokyo Station Pokemon Store, Tokyo uniform version) 900 yen

Tokyo Station Pokemon Store

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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin – Blue Eyed Casval

Don't miss out the first 7 minutes streamed for free showing the Red Comet destroying 5 battleships at the Battle of Loum !

In Japan, the first episode "Mobile Suit Gundam: The OriginⅠ- Blue Eyed Casval" premiered from the end of February, on BANDAI CHANEL and in theaters.

The original work is a manga adaptation of the original "Mobile Suit Gundam" TV series and was published serially for ten years in the monthly magazine "Gundam Ace".

Original arrangements were conducted such as the revision of some scenes and the addition of spin-offs. Furthermore, the son of Zeon Zum Deikun, Casval Rem Deikun = Char Aznable, who never appeared in the anime version, has been drawn since he became to be called "The Red Comet".
Four years after the end of the serialization, the movie version was released in Japan.

The movie relates the story of Char Aznable who, after escaping from Zeon with his sister Artesia and overcoming many hardships, sought revenge and once more took on the role of an officer of Zeon and participated at the Battle of Loum.
The first 7 minutes of the first episode streamed for free, showing Char piloting his MS-06 ZAKU II and destroying 5 battleships at the Battle of Loum, and has become a hot topic!

Also, there is a scene in the movie where the Black Tri-Stars of Gaia, Ortega, and Mash are attacking General Revil's flagship "Ananke".

Please watch the movie to discover how Char became known as "The Red Comet"!!


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Absolutely Awesome Pokemon Center Merchandise

The Best Pokemon Center Merchandise


For kids growing up the 90s, no childhood was complete without the mousey-faced, rosy-cheeked Pikachu and his array of Pokémon friends who challenged fans to “catch ‘em all!”

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Find Out Which Japanese Rice Cooker and Dishwasher Are the Best

Have you ever wondered what’s in Japan’s water to make sushi rice look mouth-watering good? That same water can also clean an amazingly dirty gyūdon bowl; but the true secret ingredient to either of these is not the water, it’s the Japanese appliances. People from nearby Asian countries fly to Japan just to get their hands on the country’s rice cookers and compact dishwashers and if they can’t take it with them by plane, they’re sure to use a buying service like FROMJAPAN to get them.
steamed rice


Unveiling the Liz Lisa Lucky Pack 2015

The Liz Lisa fukubukuro, one of the most popular fashion lucky packs for women in Japan, was recently released on January 2, 2015.


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