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Absolutely Awesome Pokemon Center Merchandise

The Best Pokemon Center Merchandise


For kids growing up the 90s, no childhood was complete without the mousey-faced, rosy-cheeked Pikachu and his array of Pokémon friends who challenged fans to “catch ‘em all!”

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Find Out Which Japanese Rice Cooker and Dishwasher Are the Best

Have you ever wondered what’s in Japan’s water to make sushi rice look mouth-watering good? That same water can also clean an amazingly dirty gyūdon bowl; but the true secret ingredient to either of these is not the water, it’s the Japanese appliances. People from nearby Asian countries fly to Japan just to get their hands on the country’s rice cookers and compact dishwashers and if they can’t take it with them by plane, they’re sure to use a buying service like FROMJAPAN to get them.
steamed rice


Unveiling the Liz Lisa Lucky Pack 2015

The Liz Lisa fukubukuro, one of the most popular fashion lucky packs for women in Japan, was recently released on January 2, 2015.


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9 Pieces of Sailor Moon Merchandise You Absolutely Must Have

Few Japanese franchises have been as influential as Sailor Moon. As an award-winning manga, Sailor Moon helped redefine the “magical girl” genre. As an anime, the series helped to cultivate the acceptance, and popularity, of anime in the United States and around the world. Today, Sailor Moon is lauded as one of the best-selling, most recognized influences of Japanese animation in Western culture.

Sailor Moon Image Header

A star-studded array of Sailor Moon merchandise is mass produced each year to please the franchise’s enormous fanbase. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most unique, beautiful, and popular items that every Sailor Moon fan deserves to have in their collection of memorabilia.

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7 Tips for the Fukubukuro Hunting Season

Fukubukuro Season in Japan is basically the equivalent of Black Friday in the United States. Starting from the day after New Years and usually lasting until January 5, stores try to get rid of products left over from the previous year, by packaging them into bags called fukubukuro and selling them at ridiculously discounted prices. Usually, the fukubukuro is sealed to prevent you from looking inside, basically making it a mystery shopping event; however, recently some stores in an effort to draw more customers have gone away from the surprise aspect and now post fliers showing what's inside. That way, the customers don’t feel like they got a raw deal. Interestingly, it seems to be working for the stores as fukubukuro are still as popular as ever before.



A Guide to Comiket: Beyond the Myths

The Comic Market, or Comiket as it is more widely known, takes place twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each time. For those that are not familiar with this huge event, this article will hopefully help you understand the significance of this event for manga and anime lovers living in Japan.


At Comiket, artists of all trades sell their self-made works. These can be music CDs, figures and plushies, doujinshi, and even games. Most of these works are based on anime, manga, or specific Japanese games such as Kantai Collection or Touhou.

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Serious Collectors Only: 8 of the Rarest Dragon Ball Figures of All Time

Dragon Ball Figures


 Despite ending its serialization in 1995, Dragon Ball continues to hold the #2 spot in best-selling manga… almost twenty years after its completion.

Carrying on the franchise’s legacy are its many anime adaptations—Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Kai—along with a variety of action figures that have continued to be released throughout the series’ span.

With literally hundreds of Dragon Ball figurines on the market, let’s take a look at some of the most rare, limited, and expensive ones available that are most worthy of a true collector’s cabinet.

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10 of Japan’s Most Anticipated Figurines of 2015


With the promise of a new year comes the promise of new, must-have figurines from Japan. Amidst the slew of upcoming releases, we’ve highlighted ten of the most anticipated figurines of 2015. Read on for our top picks, and ready your mouse to click the “pre-order” button.

Anime Figures

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S-Rank Memorabilia: a Guide to Unique, Japan-Exclusive Naruto Merchandise

If you’re into manga and anime, you’ve most certainly heard about Naruto—the spikey-haired, orange-suited ninja with dreams as big as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As the third best-selling manga franchise of all time, Naruto has made itself readily available through multiple outlets—books, anime, movies, figurines, and more. naruto

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Naruto Action Figures: Celebrating 15 Years of Ninja

Since the debut of its one-shot pilot chapter in August 1997, Naruto has spanned over seventy volumes and seven hundred chapters as a manga franchise. It’s no wonder that, with over 200 million copies sold, Naruto has become the third most popular manga series in the world, just behind the likes of One Piece and Dragon Ball.

The overwhelming success of the Naruto series resulted in an anime adaptation, multiple animated films, and a plethora of merchandise—the most popular of which are the Naruto figurines and action figures.

naruto gamakichi statue

In commemoration of the series’ ending, let’s take a look at the best of the franchise’s figurine lines, examining some of the most detailed, masterfully crafted, and must-have pieces to add to your Naruto collection.

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